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McAfee Confesses His Sins

John McAfee, running as a Libertarian for President in 2020, confesses his sins — cannibalism, and specifically, eating human brains. Many have been outraged by his parody, but his confessional serves a purpose. This is exactly what many past Presidential hopefuls in the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton, have been doing. She did not go to Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Caribbean for sunbathing but to partake of its ritual cannibalism rites along with many leaders of top firms, academics, lawyers, entertainers and society’s so-called elite.

The mass media still refuses to tell the truth of what went down regularly on Little St. James Island. That’s because these journalists are not free or independent or honest, but rather sucking up to the lying cannibal elites. They can all go to hell, same as the flesh-eating creeps they continue to protect.

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Vincent Vendetta returns with the latest updates on Jeffrey Epstein. Vincent also discusses Prince Andrew, who has been accused once again.

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What John McAfee is drawing attention to: The abduction and subsequent killing of children, held captive and enslaved. Some are also sexually trafficked. Some are merely fodder for the rich. Here, Dustin Nemos examines this dark world. And he issues a warning to child traffickers, a warning we wholeheartedly endorse: We’re coming for you. No mercy! No more killing of our kids! It’s time the killers paid the price!

Random Rants of Ryan introduces a new villain charged with pedophilia. He is Peter Nygard, a Canadian fashion mogul. This Finnish Canadian operates Nygard International, a fashion company in Winnipeg that makes women’s wear. Now, he stands accused by 10 women of rape and sexual assault charges. The alleged incidents occurred at Nygard’s getaway in the Bahamas and three of the women say they were 14 years old at the time, while three others were 15. So, this is a case quite similar to the ones surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and Howie Rubin.

We close with Jamie Dlux, who offers an update on the latest news and rumblings surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. Why have millions of dollars been moving within his bank accounts?


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