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McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch!

John McAfee certainly was no shrinking violet. Did he just drop his dead man’s switch? McAllister TV explores the possibilities in a new video that wonders whether McAfee and his wife are now in protective custody. Was he a part of the Q team, or merely a Q follower? Did he masquerade as Rusty Shackleford, who sent drones above Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean?

Also, explored here, lizard-faced John Kasich and his announcement on CNN about John McCain being executed. “They put John McCain to death,” he declared. We still don’t know the particulars.

Is McAfee Larp A Crypto-Scam?

A Twitter larp purporting to lay out torrid secrets collected by the late John McAfee might actually be a crypto-scam. That’s the assessment of Jordan Sather, who explores the ramifications of the larp in his latest Destroying the Illusion video. Also discussed: The vaccine fight. He says, “We’re not going to take it!”

People worldwide are marching for freedom! People are craving the truth! People are craving transparency! People are craving equal justice under law! Patent/media exposed! God wins! Pray! More from And We Know.

Submarine Tunnel Crosses USA!

An underground submarine tunnel juts across the United States, running from Florida over to Texas and onward to California. That’s but one of the many secrets revealed in an hour-long podcast done by Jessie Czebotar and James Shepherd on the Right On Radio network. The broadcast was originally set to air around 5 pm but did not get loaded online until around midnight.

The biggest attraction for the show — a supposed dead-man’s switch from John McAfee — did not happen. Some wires got crossed on that one.

But there were many other secrets divulged and revealed. Besides the sub tunnel, Czebotar discloses that Adolf Hitler not only survived World War II, but came to live in Argentina — in the vicinity of Nahuel Huapi Lake, some 450 miles from Buenos Aires — and even visited California at one point in time.

Also, there is a countdown under way to September 19. We don’t know all that entails, but there are two YouTube channels to watch as the countdown proceeds. One is Rusty Shackleford and the other channel is Alice Down the Rabbit Hole. There apparently will be drips of news filtered and dropped from those sites, as well as possibly other new sites, between now and September 19.

There is a discussion of the Nephilim or Fallen Angels, the Nazi base on Antarctica and speculation that most of the UFOs spotted in recent years are Nazi craft from that base. There are now 10 different Reichs, says Czebotar.

Look for further releases from both the United States and Germany.

The Nazi Haunebu or Flying Saucer

Intel Agents Going To Jail?

Devin Nunes, the California congressman who formerly chaired the House Intelligence Committee, says the Durham report is coming soon. And “some will go to jail.”

The focus of the report will be on the intelligence agencies, notably the FBI and CIA, that concocted the phony Russia collusion tale, alleging Russian control of President Donald Trump.

We have waited so long for the report from John Durham that many have begun to doubt it’s ever coming. More from Trish Regan.

The Durham report isn’t the only major release scheduled to happen today. John McAfee’s dead-man’s switch will be disclosed today, most likely around 4 or 5 pm, on Jessie’s Right on Radio Show.

This is the radio show hosted by Chaplain Jessie Czebotar, a victim of Illuminati sexual abuse.  You can find her radio show at

Here, Czebotar discusses the dead-man’s switch with Sarah Westall.

Will Julian Assange Be Next?

Edward Snowden is warning: The Deep State thugs who likely murdered John McAfee will try to assassinate Julian Assange next. Why are these killers on the prowl? Simple. They want to stop the probing into their hideous crimes against humanity, including the trafficking and murder of children. More from Lift the Veil.

Truths Revealed Fast, Furious

It’s time! Look for truths to be revealed fast and furiously. The level of exposure will be phenomenal. The Deep State will attempt to hold the line, but they will be swamped.

And, no, they cannot prevail or win by murdering their critics or illegally jailing patriots or threatening to use F-15 fighters against Americans. Crooked Democrats like Joe Biden better be prepared to pay the price for their treachery as well as their flagrant election theft. More from And We Know.

Did John McAfee commit suicide, was he murdered or did he stage a brazen escape from prison? Who is Chinese defector Dong Jingwei and what can he reveal now that he’s surfaced in the West? What’s the deal with the covid variant? Real or more hokum to panic the masses? Finally, lots of UFO talk. The latest Destroying the Illusion from Jordan Sather is jam packed, so sit tight and listen.

McAfee Death Reported Hanging

The New York Post is reporting John McAfee died from a hanging, same as Jeffrey Epstein. The question remains: Did McAfee commit suicide or was he murdered? Or perhaps he and Epstein have escaped to Antarctica where they are hanging out with Adolf Hitler, Elvis Presley and a bunch of extraterrestrials and penguins.

McAfee’s lawyer says the anti-virus tycoon showed no indication he would take his own life. Javier Villalba told Reuters on Thursday that he “had constant telephone contact” with McAfee and “at no point had he shown any special worry or clue that could let us think this could have happened.”

The other looming question: Did McAfee have a deadman’s switch? If he was murdered, can we expect the release of sensitive data, say, involving Epstein or the other assorted crooks and mountebanks like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden? More from Lift The Veil.

Between Joe Biden’s threat to use nukes and F15s against the American people, and the deaths of two people who threatened the Deep State, there’s nothing hidden that is not about to be revealed. More from Lori Colley.

John McAfee Found Dead

Awaiting extradition to the United States to face tax evasion charges, John McAfee was found dead Tuesday in his cell in a Spanish jail. The death comes hours after a Spanish court had approved his extradition.

McAfee founded a pivotal company in the 1980s that developed the first computer antivirus tools. He was an outspoken Libertarian and had even run for the party’s presidential nomination, although he was defeated by Gary Johnson in 2016.

Styxhexenhammer666 says McAfee “did not kill himself.” The reference evokes the death of Jeffrey Epstein, a death that many have charged was actually a murder. Edwin Snowden amplified on the murder suspicions, saying look for Julian Assange to be found dead next.

Top military official defends Marxist CRT, and the Deep State claims another victim, John McAfee. McAfee in November of 2019 warned he was being threatened by Deep State operatives. “If I suicide myself, I didn’t,” he wrote. “I was whacked.” More from Lori Colley.

Reveal The Insurance Policy

Trump has already started the infrastructure build and he is positioning the US to transition away from the [Central Bankers]. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have been directed down the path the patriots wanted them to follow. All is going as planned. The [DS]/MSM have been set up. Watch what happens with vaccines. The [DS] is panicking, Trump made an historic peace deal in the Middle East. He is ending the endless wars, Message was sent and received. It’s time to reveal the insurance policy. More from the X22 Report.

With the Biden/Harris 2020 ticket sealed, President Donald Trump is practically elated. Bob and I break down the reasons why, throw in a little precious metals talk and can’t ignore the new John McAfee story. Namely, he supposedly was arrested in Norway for wearing a thong as a face mask. Love him or hate him, he’s an American original.

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Lots of great news in this video! POTUS announces new Middle East peace deal. Doctor reports total deaths this year are among the lowest in the past 20 years? That’s what the CDC numbers tell us. More from Lori Colley.

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Why is George Soros still walking around? Isn’t it high time that old Nazi landed in jail? Get him off the streets of America. More from TRUreporting.

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The Outlaw John McAfee

Computer guru-turned-fugitive John McAfee, now a ripe and still robust 74, appears on the Tin Foil Hat show with Sam Tripoli to discuss the coronavirus, his new bitcoin Ghost and his life on the run. Chased out of the Dominican Republic, he first fled to the Bahamas and then Cuba, but recently has settled in another undisclosed location.

The mortality risks of the coronavirus, he believes, have been greatly exaggerated. If there are great famines, dislocations or depressions that follow, they will be caused by the widespread lockdowns and quarantines, which have been gross and excessive.

He refuses to debate the merits of Bill Gates’ proposed vaccine, saying he only met Gates once and didn’t spend much time with him, finding him to be “the most boring man I’ve ever been with.”

Asked if there is a secret society that runs the world, McAfee says not in an ordinary sense. For instance, he says television, the movies and music clearly influence our beliefs as well as our sense of morality. But politically, even the United States, which remains the most powerful nation, is heavily divided and fragmented. The CIA is probably the single most powerful and largely covert agency, he says. Its agents are so hardcore that some cynically refer to presidents as “transients.”

McAfee is scornful of the mainstream media. “If you believe a single news story that comes out of the media conglomerate, there’s no hope for you,” he says.

He rates Thai women the most sexually adventurous anywhere in the world. “If you have to ask the question, you’ve not been there,” he asserts.

The interview begins around the 9:45 mark. Watch the opening if you want to meet Tripoli and his sidekicks, but they waste at least 3 or 4 minutes plugging a shaving razor. There’s chatter about their sexual trysts, but they’re really just hawking the razor.

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