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Joe Biden Has Dementia

Steven Crowder expresses some concern over Joe Biden’s recent gaffes. More from Louder with Crowder.

Dr. Mac has a new morning talk show where he gives you all of the news you need to start your day! Today his very special guest is Democratic (sort of) front runner, Joe Biden! Let’s drop in on Shut Up, America! With Joe and outside guest, Bernie Sanders! More from FreedomToons.

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Bernie supporters and a progressive candidate for the Democratic party have been protesting outside Democrats homes, resulting in several instance of police being called. Showing up to someone’s house is a huge step over the line but Bernie’s supporters seem totally fine with it.

The far left activists were showing up late at night to intimidate Democratic party officials and justified it as their right to protest. Around the same time, a journalist had his private information released by Bernie supporters for revealing that Bernie’s staff had been insulting other Democratic candidates on Twitter, resulting in the user being fired from Bernie Sander’s campaign.

Republicans are sitting back and watching with glee and popcorn as the Democrats actively sabotage their own party in their war against the far left. I can only imagine that after all of this the only winner of the infighting will be Donald Trump. More from Tim Pool.

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