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Infiltrated By The Chinese

For the past several decades America has been extracted by selfish politicians and personalities bent on making the quickest buck. We all sat by as our manufacturing base was sold to foreign interests and politicians paved the way for the outsourcing of our jobs and production.

In the past several months, the FBI has arrested several US academics for taking money from Communist China and lying about it. Researchers and scientists have sold our secrets for a personal profit. They have built labs in a foreign country and helped prop up an authoritarian regime in China.

In their own words the Chinese minister of propaganda has called on the country to spread propaganda around the world and it has worked. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, this issue affects us all and if left ignored we will lose to an autocratic and authoritarian regime that has no regards for civil rights. The far left activists in the US can complain all they want but China’s record is several orders of magnitude worse. Whether you like Trump or not, what is going on with China must be addressed and it’s time Democrats joined the bipartisan battle to stop their encroachment. More from Tim Pool.

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