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Desperate Tyrants Panic

Desperate tyrants are losing the battle.  These range from the arrogant French President Emmanuel Macron and checkered Canadian premier Justin Trudeau to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rochelle Walensky, now admitting that 75% of Covid deaths have 4+ co-morbidities. They’re panicking as the public pushes back. Plus, Dr. Robert, Malone, one of the first virologists to study mRNA,  announces a new ebola-like disease sweeping across China. More from Lori Colley.

Here is a second report from Lori Colley. She says, “Congratulations, conspiracy theorists, you’re proven right yet again. The passel of lies that have been packaged in the pandemic narrative are being exposed, much to the chagrin of public officials. Most everything we have been ordered to do because of “the science” is now at odds with the evidence unfolding before our eyes. Let’s take a look at the liars and the truth that can no longer be hidden.”

The Zero Covid Fantasy World

If you thought the lockdowns in the U.S. last year were bad, that’s nothing to what’s going on in China and a handful of other tyrannical countries. The UK Express reports that Chinese citizens are trapped in their own homes, as the government seeks to reach a zero Covid fantasy world. So locked down, they can’t buy groceries without a negative coronavirus test, and then, only weekly.

Could these same, insane restrictions reach the U.S.? The “Right Angle” trio of Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Alfonzo Rachel discuss the issue.

Savin: We’re In Warped Reality

Juan O. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast to lay down his vision on the state of the union–what we can expect from the patriots and what evil the Deep State has in store.

Savin bluntly asserts that we are being brainwashed as a society–what exists, why, who’s in control. He says we are in an MK Ultra-type of warped reality. “So in this societal state that we’re in, our connection with reality has been twisted by the sources of information that we have,” he says. Here’s his take on the coming months, including how interpreting the Jan. 6 siege on Capitol Hill is key.

Why Fauci Hasn’t Been Arrested

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. David Martin to discuss the rampant organized Covid crimes against humanity and why Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn’t been arrested for treason long ago.

Martin, who believes the Covid-19 pandemic is a complete hoax, says, “The Department of Justice has abjectly failed, including every U.S. attorney in the country. Every part of the DOJ’s antitrust division has been focused singularly on the social-media price fixing, as the fig leaf to hide behind what is, in fact, a much larger crime.” Martin explains the mess further on The Stew Peters Show.

A Christmas Message

Mike Adams, of Natural News, delivers a riveting Christmas message of hope and salvation in these desperate times we live in, while denouncing the evil of the “death merchants.”

He concludes today’s brief video, with his take on the shocking number of bank closures across the country, the inevitability an all-out assault on the U.S. by China-Russia forces and the accelerating collapse of Evergrande, the largest property developer in China.

The Truth About Mind Control

Josh Sigurdson reports on the breaking news from ZeroHedge that the U.S. has accused China of developing brain-control technology, leading to sanctions and trade restrictions.

Problem is, the U.S. is basically guilty of the same thing. Says Sigurdson, “There are abundant examples of brain-control technology out of the U.S.” He adds there are many institutes, operations and technologies focused on mind control in America. He breaks down the history of mind control from MK Ultra to Operation Mockingbird in this edition of World Alternative Media.

No Escaping For Deep State

The Deep State is so entrenched in their antics, they can’t back out now. On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says they’ve got egg on their faces practically everyday now. He updates us on the Assange extradition, Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the truth-busting on Covid, what China’s been threatening and consequences surrounding the lying politicians, and their mandates and lockdowns. Here’s today’s edition of On The Fringe.

Savin Update: Crisis Escalating

Has the Biden Administration’s weakness reached a level to where our adversaries are ready to make a move? Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that he suspects as much and says prayer is required.

Savin says the U.S. may soon be facing a Cuban Missile Crisis-like confrontation in the Ukraine. He says if Russia in fact makes a move on Ukraine, will this trigger more China aggression on Taiwan?  And furthermore, will this be the last straw for the military and President Trump to take action? Here’s Juan and Nino with some answers.

Savin Says Globalists In Charge

In his latest intel update, Juan O. Savin asks are we really at “war” with our visible antoganists, such as Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin or Mark Zuckerberg, or are we at odds with the globalists who chose those people?

Savin suspects its the latter, thanks to the machinations of the late David Rockefeller, who was instrumental in the reboot of both China and Russia. And then there was Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, who was one of the key influencers on how the 2020 Presidential election was conducted with the vote drop boxes and all the other shenanigans.

So where did Zuckerberg come from? Many hail him as the founder of Facebook, but he did not invent the popular social media forum. Facebook, formerly known as LifeLog, was a DARPA project, who themselves took it from someone else who had developed it. Says Savin, “We’re at war with people behind the scenes, who are pulling strings to control us and move us in their direction.” Appearing on American Media Periscope, Savin also discusses vaccines, MK-Ultra and other interesting topics.

Fauci Triples Down On Lies

In yet another appearance before the Senate, Dr. Anthony Fauci tripled down on his defiance that he did not fund gain-of-function research research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, where Covid-19 is believed to have originated.

In a fierce exchange with Sen. Rand Paul, Fauci was adamant in his denial, even attempting to revise the definition of “gain of function” to save his ass. “You continue to mislead,” Paul says. “You continue to say you trust the Chinese scientists. You appear to have learned nothing from this pandemic.” Here’s more of their exchange on Infowars.

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