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YouTube Censorship!

Chris Chappell reports there are big things happening in China right now, but the flow of information is being censored by none other than YouTube. Chappell says the social media giant has joined forces with China to cover up its crimes, whether intentionally or not. Here’s his take on the situation.

Globalists Enslaving Humanity

Silicon Valley whistleblower Aman Jabbi tells ZEEE Media that “smart cities” across the globe are actually open concentration camps, designed to control and enslave humanity by the globalist technocratic elite.

Jabbi, an engineer who worked in Silicon Valley for 25 years and a co-inventor of two cellphone camera apps, says the transformation to digital surveillance is basically in place worldwide and is expanding. And, not surprisingly, the United States is leading the pack with more cameras per capita than even China.

Jabbi says that while the unsuspecting public are told the cameras are for security reasons,, they are actually the root of what is a proliferating globalist social-credit system. Here’s more from Maria at ZEEE Media.

Animals Walking In Circles

The internet is in a tizzy over the strange phenomenon of large groups of animals, insects and birds that have been spotted walking in circles throughout the planet.

There are multiple explanations for the weird behavior, such as disease, changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, experiments at CERN or a coming pole shift. The phenomenon began in China, where a flock of sheep walked nonstop in circles for two weeks. Eerie, to say the least. Could this be a sign of a massive, catastrophic event in the near future?  Here’s more with Everything Inside Me.

China’s Role In Brazil Elections

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that Communist China played a key role in Brazil’s presidential election, despite all candidates talking tough on the CCP.

But  if you look at the two frontrunners’ track records on China, Chappell says, their actions tell a different story. Here’s his report.

Buckle Up, Folks!

In an impassioned message to the Democrats Party and D.C. establishment, Georgia U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene warned that Republicans are ready to lower the boom!

Armed with a new GOP House majority in the 118th Congress, Greene says that among the first order of business will be seeking the truth for the American people on a variety of issues, most notably probing Joe Biden’s financial shenanigans with China and revealing why Speaker Pelosi did not activate National Guard troops during the alleged Jan. 6 insurrection. Buckle up, folks, it’s going to get wild! Here’s more from 99Percent.

China’s Tech Grip Crumbling

For decades, China has dominated the market for rare earth elements, an essential ingredient in modern technology. Chris Chappell reports that the stranglehold on the market is slipping, thanks in part to China’s own actions, recent scientific discoveries and increasing demand.

Deep Fakes, Spies, Info

Andy Dybala, of Live With Andy, dives into stories surrounding the profusion of misinformation flooding the planet.

He shares details on Apple’s new deep fake tech, how bots influence our thoughts, Chinese spies in the United States, the worldwide disinformation campaign and genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida, exposing how the globalists are using preplanned disinformation to sway public discourse.

Biden Created Energy Crisis

Sara Carter welcomes energy philosopher and author Alex Epstein to discuss how Biden Administration nonsensical policy toward reliable fuel sources is directly responsible for the disruptions in our economy and national security.

From relying on our global enemies for energy to crushing developing countries, Epstein explains how green policies are designed to stifle human flourishing. Here’s more with Carter, including an update on the FBI and Hunter Biden fiasco and the New York governor’s race.

Juan O. Savin: U.S. In Ukraine

Juan O. Savin tells Blessed To Teach (BTT) the U.S.101st Airborne Division has boots on the ground in Ukraine that have already begun engagements with other troops in the region taking people that are considered spies, including an acknowledgement of an FBI mole working for China (1:21).

Also breaking, Savin says, are further allegations of China in the election process, which was revealed at a subsequent press conference. Meanwhile, in an earlier interview with Restored Republic’s Bard FM, also featured in the following video, Savin confirmed from multiple sources, including Trump family members, that the arrest of President Trump is imminent. Here’s more with Savin and BTT host Rick Rene.


Marxists In Congress Exposed

Author and political activist Trevor Loudon tells Natural News’ Mike Adams that there are at least 30 Senators, more than 100 House members and many governors that lean toward Marxism. “They couldn’t pass a background check to drive a bus,” Loudon says.

He exposes the obvious players, such as Mitch McConnel, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein and Raphael Warnock, all neck-deep in their association with the Chinese Communist Party, and Communists in general. But there are shockers, such as Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema, who’s been indoctrinated by the Commies since the early 2000s, and fellow Grand Canyon State Sen. Mark Kelly, who’s compromised by the CCP.

And then, Loudon says, there’s Joe Biden, who’s worked with the Russians, Chinese and Iranians his entire career. “He’s really there to put us under,” Loudon says. More from Natural News.

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