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Rogue World Leaders Arrested?

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is taking a major hit in the polls, after calling for a snap election to win back voters. That on the heels of the Trudeau Administration’s Draconian handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent Delta variant.

Martin Brodel has a different view, saying he thinks Trudeau has already been arrested, along with other rogue world leaders from the past. “If you think about it, logically, then you realize most of these people have to be gone, including in this country. Look at it this way. If Hillary and Biden and Obama, and the rest of them were still in power, would I be here? No, of course not.” He adds that all alternative media, all opposition to the Democrat Party’s ideology would be wiped out. “We’d all be in prison,” he says.

Tune in for more of Brodel’s coverage on the pandemic, China’s restriction of “sissy men” on TV and more.

Tartarian Empire: Missing Link

Susan Bradford joins Sarah Westall’s program to share her in-depth research behind the mysterious Tartarian Empire. We learn how the world’s largest empire was erased from history and how it ties into the Globalists, China, and the Satanic cult.

You can learn more about Bradford and her books, including “Tartar Treachery: The Inside Story on How International Bankers, Communist China, and The Vatican Collaborated to Advance a Centuries Old Plan for a New World Order” at

Did Trump Ever Leave Office?

President Donald J. Trump shocked us all by stepping aside on Jan. 20 and handing the country over to Communists and their puppet president. After all, wasn’t it Trump, the master strategist, who saved our country from the clutches of the evil globalists? So what happened?

The white hats were quick to exclaim that this was part of a much bigger plan, one to awaken the electorate to the corruption of the Swamp. Man in America’s Seth Holehouse posits, “Did Trump ever truly relinquish control, or did he step aside just long enough for the enemies to expose themselves for all to see? Was this the only way to avoid massive civil war, while giving the American people time to wake up?”

Holehouse breaks down the past nine months since the November 2020 Presidential election, where we are today and what could be playing out in the future. He also explains the concept of devolution and its role in government’s top-secret continuity, updates the details behind the defection to the U.S. of China’s Dong Jingwei and recaps the amazing and spot-on prophecies of self-proclaimed prophet Kim Clement.

Cyber Evidence Will Doom Dems

The mother of all election-fraud evidence will be revealed on Tuesday through Thursday at Mike Lindell’s “Cyber Fraud Symposium” in Sioux Falls, S.D. The event, which is not open to the public, will be streamed on, Lindell’s recently activated social media site.

Lindell, more commonly known as the CEO of My Pillow, says the conclusive evidence will be more than enough to overturn the 2020 Presidential election, which many patriots claim Donald J. Trump won anyway in a massive landslide. He adds the evidence will show the election experienced a cyber attack by China, using voter rolls from 2010 in many of the swing states to pad Joe Biden’s numbers and steal the election.

Speakers from across the world are scheduled to address the symposium, in addition to more than 75 cyber forensic experts, according to Lindell. Here’s more with Lindell on “The Alex Jones Show.”

UFC Champ Rips LeChina James

Outspoken UFC warrior Colby Covington isn’t holding back when it comes to calling out Lebron “LeChina” James. The division’s interim welterweight champion, who has put James behind the crosshairs on many occasions, lashed out at the L.A. Lakers superstar, calling him a “Chinese puppet master for employing women in sweatshops.”

Covington criticized the Nike sweatshops in China and doubled down on James, saying he doesn’t stand for equality. Larry Rhodes, host of “Rhodes Rants” on the Black and White Sports blog concurred. “We’re not big fans of Lebron. We know Lebron, LeChina, LeWoke, LeBronda, LeFraud loves to wrap his arms around Communist China,” he says.

Rhodes says James skipped the Olympic Games to promote his film, Space Jam 2, in China, hoping for financial support. He left with a big, fat goose egg. Here’s more of the story with Rhodes.

Floods, Freezes Ruining Crops

As Brazil gets hit repeatedly by unusually low temperatures, destroying crops, the flooding in China, including Henan province — which accounts for 10% of their grains production — has damaged wheat, infrastructure, and thousands of large hog farms. All hopes are on US, which is also having its own issues.

This signals a huge red flag for worldwide production as these are the #1/2/3 producers/exporters of many grains. In fact, Brazil has started importing! Christian Westbrook explores what this means in this episode of the Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

He Removes Scenes For China

I have been working in Hollywood as an editor for years and I love my job. (satire). More from Ryan Long.

Poll: Dems Align With Trump

America is waking up to all the hypocrisy, the nonsense and the lies–and this includes Democrats! Liberal Hivemind says that Dems are now aligned with President Trump’s narrative on the origin of Covid-19.

A Harvard-Politico poll released last week reveals more than 50 percent of Democrats now believe the coronavirus originated in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, joining a majority of Republicans and Independents. The numbers also signify the highest distrust of the media we’ve ever seen in the modern Western world. Here’s more with Liberal Hivemind, who also gives his take on the Brian Stelter fiasco and authoritarianism.

Will China Nuke Japan?

Will China nuke Japan? That’s the loaded question after Japan said an attack by China on Taiwan would be a threat to its national security, prompting it to come to Taiwan’s defense.

In a video now circulating, China responded that any interference by Japan would result in nuclear war. China Uncensored host Chris Chappell ponders whether the video has the approval of the highest levels of government, or is this just a threat from some local Chinese Communist Party committees who aren’t thinking about the ramifications of such a threat? Tune in for more details.

Biden’s Paradise

JRQCcode steps into the lighter side of life with an animated parody of Creepy Joe Biden’s first six months in the White House. Says Joe, “I never sniffed a child who didn’t deserve it,” as he extols the virtues of Biden’s Paradise.

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