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Casino Fails to Pay Big Slot Win

It’s happened again. A lady walks into a casino, wins a major jackpot and the casino claims it was a malfunction. The latest “antagonist” is Newcastle Casino in Oklahoma, which claims patron Mirabel Sanchez’s $8.5 million slot-machine win was merely a malfunction. Since most slot machines are programmed by casino technicians, Michigan attorney Steve Lehto has a different take on the Newcastle fiasco. “The idea that it’s a random thing that you walk up and pull (the arm), it’s not,” he says. “It’s strange that the machine can say, ‘Hey, congratulations, you’re a winner,’ and they could say, ‘No, the machine wasn’t supposed to pay yet, sorry.’ Then they call that a machine malfunction. It doesn’t sound like a malfunction so much, it sounds like a programming mistake by somebody who had access to the programming.” Tune in as Lehto gives us more details on the bizarre case in this episode of Lehto’s Law.

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