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Leave Our Kids Alone

Fight gender ideology in the schools with this tactic: Trap them in their own talking points. Let me explain. More from Amazing Polly.

Better Hide Your Children

Some parents aren’t fully aware of the effort to indoctrinate their kids these days – It’s not like when we were kids. There is a REAL effort to shape a future generation by encouraging mental illness, and social ‘awareness’ – instead of self sustainment and family. 

Liz Wheeler, author, and host of The Liz Wheeler Show, discusses her new book, “Hide Your Children – Exposing the Marxists Behind The Attack On America’s Kids.” She’s appearing with another rock-solid conservative woman Dana Loesch.

It’s A Trap

Lauren Boebert says Boobie-Gate was a set-up by a Democrat. Now, she will start checking the party affiliations of her dates before going out on the town. Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

Food Prices To Skyrocket

We’ve all experienced food price hikes in 2023, but look for food to cost even more in 2024. Extreme weather has caused crop failures in Europe, North America and Australia. Also, there has been a notable disruption in the availability of wheat and flour owing to the Ukraine War.

Other major crops projected to become more scarce include oranges and corn, so now’s the time to assess what you will need and stock up. Here’s more from Sergeant Major.

Feminists Are Broken

Feminism made women lonely and miserable? Now, some are coming to grips with that, while others are being splintered and falling by the wayside. Here’s more from Lauren Chen.

Bud Gates

Bill Gates bails out Bud Light with a $100 million investment. In other words, the beer being boycotted for favoring pedophiles is given a lift by an alleged pedophile, known for hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein. The question that remains?

Can patriots double down with their Bud Light boycott and knock a few holes in Gates’ obscene wealth? Can we start to make this billionaire pay for all he has done to downgrade America for the middle class? Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

Update On That Shop Teacher

Remember the Canadian shop teacher who sparked a large wave of videos by showing up at school wearing mammoth-sized breasts?  The teacher, known as Kayla Lemieux, has returned this year to a new, neighboring high school without the enormous, Z-cup breasts.

He’s ditched the blond wig and tight tops as well. He’s also now sporting a beard and going by the name Kerry Lemieux. Here’s Mark Dice with the full story.

Apeeling To Whom?

Bill Gates has done a lot of confusing and even hideously criminal things. Now, he’s trying to become appealing. Well, sort of.

He has helped a new startup company called Apeel Sciences that coats fruits and vegetables with an artificial layer of chemicals to slow the rate at which the food turns rotten. So far, the results have been tested out on avocados, as well as blueberries and strawberries. Here’s more from Jamie Dlux.

How To Control Surveillance

Ramiro Romani of and joins us today to discuss technology: what it is, how it works, and how we can make it work for us. We discuss how governments and big tech corporations are collaborating to undermine our rights to privacy, free expression and even freedom of travel and how we can remove the Big Brother surveillance and controls from our devices. More from James Corbett at The Corbett Report.

9 Days Of Food Left

Are you seeing empty shelves at grocery stores and growing shortages of key ingredients like flour, sugar, meats and vegetables? The shortages apparently are now widespread and growing much more severe.

Two years ago, distribution centers had enough food on supply to keep stores replenished for two months — 60 days — even if the production supply got cut off. currently, the centers only have enough food to last nine days, barring shortages.

What’s causing the problems? Here, the  Poplar Report analyzes information shared, largely by anonymous sources. There’s not one problem, but a myriad of complications. Old processing and refrigeration equipment in use since the the 1960s or 1970s is breaking down. Spare parts can’t be obtained, or must be back-ordered months ahead of time. The in-house experts who kept those machines running have been retiring and newer employees lack the knowledge to keep the systems afloat.

Besides issues at the processing centers, there are also distribution problems, as trucking systems also running afoul. Many veteran drivers are leaving. As a result, we’re seeing more spoiled and damaged foods appearing in grocery stores — rotten produce or bacon full of mold. We can expect growing issues in the weeks and months ahead, so start looking for local and/or more reliable sources for food.

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