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Criminal Paradise

Violent criminal teen immediately released after attacking cop in New York City. The Biog Apple is rotten to its core. More from The Salty Cracker.

Sen. Rand Paul’s Hair Care Tips

Senator Rand Paul met with the guys from The Babylon Bee to talk about fake news, hair care tips, and how he really feels about Dr. Fauci.

Who Is Blackrock?

Cube is the representation of Saturn. And Saturn is Lord of the underworld 🕋🪐, More from Free Your Mind.

Elites Seek To Control Food

The Davos elite plan would “fundamentally change the way food is produced and consumed.” In other words, these World Economic Forum members no longer are trying to guide us. They are ready to browbeat and imprison us if we resist their plans. More from Truthstream Media.

Twisted Firestarter

Deliberate fires appear to have been set in scores of communities flanking London. It’s apparent the globalists are pushing more malarkey along the lines of climate change. They are lying to you! More from Hugo Talks.

Feds Raid Amish Farm

Marshalls from Joe Biden’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Division have raided an Amish dairy farm in Leacock Township, Pennsylvania.

Is our food under attack? Quite possibly. If Biden and his dirty globalist henchmen started with large farmers and large processing plants, it makes sense they might now be moving to organic farms and smaller farmers.

The ATF is remaining mum about the reasons for the raid, although there are hints involving gun trading. More from Riverside Homestead Life.

Stay In Russia

LeBron is mad everyone is laughing at the WNBA dude arrested in Russia. More from The Salty Cracker.

What’s It Like Being A Sheep

Here’s what it’s like being a sheep in today’s world! More from AwakenwithJP.

True Facts About Guns

Hilarious. Probably how the libtards really think about guns. More from The Babylon Bee.

How To Get Shot

Racial tensions are flaring in Akron, Ohio, after a black man led police on a wild goose chase. Packing heat, he aimed for officers who gunned him down, lit up in a barrage of some 60 bullets. The question on folks’ minds: Will Ohio burn tonight? More from The Salty Cracker.

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