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A Columbine Deep Dive!

McAllister TV does a deep dive into the murders that occurred on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. Ten students and one teacher were killed by two rampaging students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who both subsequently committed suicide in the school library. Or did they? McAllister TV explores the evidence, including the theory that Klebold is still alive.

New evidence has emerged, showing that tragedy was nowhere near as clear-cut as we might imagine. Columbine was hardly a random site. This town north of Denver housed a large contingent of individuals involved in covert black operations. How might that have shrouded the outburst of violence?

Otherwise, McAllister TV contemplates the whereabouts of Timothy McVeigh, the domestic terrorist bomber charged with killing 168 people in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He supposedly died by lethal injection, but perhaps not.

Also, there’s discussion of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler’s book They Know Not What They Do: An Illustrated Guidebook Of Monarch Mind Control. The CIA and other federal intelligence agencies have been using MK-Ultra mind control and psychological conditioning, supplemented by alcohol and drugs, to traumatize victims. Some end up as assassins, while others become spies, sex kittens or manipulated tools for the Illuminati.

What happens if the truth about Haiti is released? We’re not only talking about the evil cabal that gouged out the eyes of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and wounded his wife in an overnight raid on their home Wednesday. We’re also talking about the adoption agencies that spirit away Haitian children, sending them to their deaths at the hands of sick Satanists, many of them in league with the U.S. Democratic Party. It’s time to expose every last one of these criminal gangs. More from TRUreporting.



Masks Ruled Illegal

While the evidence continues to mount that facemasks are ineffective in controlling or preventing the coronavirus, judges across the planet are declaring them unsafe, absurd and an infringement on human rights.

Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest ruling against mask mandates coming from Judge Christian Dettmar, of the Weimar District Court in Germany, who says masks are not only harmful to children, but also are illegal and must be stopped. We are witnessing similar rulings in Oklahoma and other states and it appears a backlash tidal wave is on its way. Here’s more with Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

Deep State Losing It

The Deep State is truly losing control. It’s slipping away from them faster than they know how to deal with it. Why? Because they’re having a difficult time hiding from their own stories, quotes, dirt and outright lies.

And the difference today from five years ago is the emergence of We the People, the alternative media who have replaced the corporate networks as the truthful purveyor of news. Says Dan RadioStyle of On the Fringe, “The trust people have in the mainstream media has dwindled way below 50 percent at this point. It’s going down and that’s what’s changing everything that’s going on.”

Case in point is the Gov. Andrew Cuomo sex scandal. Just a few years ago, Cuomo was adamant in his support of Christine Blasey Ford and her attacks on then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The New York governor was quoted as saying, “I believe Dr. Ford’s testimony is very compelling. Only a political skeptic could find a reason to disbelieve her. What is her possible motive to lie?”

Fast forward to today and seven women have come forward, accusing Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. As expected, the brash Cuomo has disavowed every one of the claims and has repeatedly said he won’t step down. Well, what could possibly be their motive to lie, governor? Here’s more with RadioStyle, who also reports on President Trump’s surprise speech at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue Fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, President Biden’s dementia symptoms, teachers and critical race theory and Oklahoma passing a bill granting immunity to motorists who hit violent BLM and Antifa rioters.

Sic Semper Tyannis

Leftists like to cite Timothy McVeigh as an example of a Christian terrorist. McVeigh had been raised as a Roman Catholic and had attended church regularly. But when he blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, there’s absolutely no proof he did so in the name of Christianity. So the Leftists are really pushing a false equivalency and making up excuses for the world’s biggest terrorist scourge — Islamic terrorists. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.


Biden’s Owned By China

This is by far the most important and damaging interview in the history of the United States and quite possibly the world. Attorney Lin Wood sets in motion the wheels of justice to roll over the Elites like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, George Bush, Brian Kemp and too many more to mention.

These people will all end up in a small prison cell at GITMO or be shot by firing squad or hanged. It is the least we can do for these evil, corrupt criminals.

Wil Paranormal brings us this radio podcast with Lin Wood, interviewed by Clay Clark on The ThriveTime Show out of Tulsa, Okla.



Trump’s Tulsa Rally

What went wrong? Ramzpaul formerly lives in Tulsa so he knows the town quite well. He offers his thoughts.

Even though some folks on the ground had trouble getting into the arena to see President Donald Trump, an estimated 6.7 million watched the rally online. We saw some reliable sources who placed the online viewership totals closer to 12 million.

In other words, Trump enjoyed a huge audience dozens upon dozens of times larger than the Democratic nominee Joe Biden could ever hope to achieve. Biden’s campaign can continue to disintegrate into irrelevance. Trump remains on pace to smoke the senile Democratic challenger. More from Steve Turley.

Dumb Leftists Are Crowing

Dumb-ass Liberals are crowing because only about 7,000 fans showed up for President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But how many would have turned out for the corrupt Joe Biden? Maybe 500? In a stretch, if the Democrats bused them into town, maybe 2,000.  So Trump still easily outpaced what the lowly Leftists could manage. Considering that we’re still dealing with the coronavirus, as well as near-constant threats of violence from the Left, Trump is off to a good start on his campaign — far ahead, once again, of the Dumbos! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Casino Fails to Pay Big Slot Win

It’s happened again. A lady walks into a casino, wins a major jackpot and the casino claims it was a malfunction. The latest “antagonist” is Newcastle Casino in Oklahoma, which claims patron Mirabel Sanchez’s $8.5 million slot-machine win was merely a malfunction. Since most slot machines are programmed by casino technicians, Michigan attorney Steve Lehto has a different take on the Newcastle fiasco. “The idea that it’s a random thing that you walk up and pull (the arm), it’s not,” he says. “It’s strange that the machine can say, ‘Hey, congratulations, you’re a winner,’ and they could say, ‘No, the machine wasn’t supposed to pay yet, sorry.’ Then they call that a machine malfunction. It doesn’t sound like a malfunction so much, it sounds like a programming mistake by somebody who had access to the programming.” Tune in as Lehto gives us more details on the bizarre case in this episode of Lehto’s Law.

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The Crimes Can’t Be Buried

The 2,000 pages of court documents released Friday on Jeffrey Epstein revealed another shocking truth: Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Trust won $29.3 million from the Powerball in 2008.  Interesting enough, the winning ticket did not come from New Mexico — where Epstein has his Zorro Ranch — but instead from Oklahoma. The ticket was picked up in a Stripes Convenience Store of Altus, Okla., for a drawing held July 2. Altus is located in western Oklahoma, near the Texas border.

The July 2 drawing was most peculiar. Almost all Powerball drawings are broadcast on the nightly news, but the time Epstein won, there was a “glitch” and the winning drawing was never shown live on the air. Instead, it was conducted off-camera, supposedly in the company of an auditor. Epstein’s Zorro Trust became the third mega winner of the Powerball out of Oklahoma.

In what surely merits further investigation, the Zorro Trust winning wasn’t the first time a New Mexico-based trust took home the Powerball top prize from a ticket purchased in Oklahoma.  The very first Powerball winning in Oklahoma was claimed in August of 2006 by the WJW Investment Trust. The investment trust picked up its winning ticket at a Quick Trip store at 4705 S. Elm Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, one of the suburbs of Tulsa.

It’s not clear yet who all of the principals were in the WJW Investment Trust. But the trustee who went to Oklahoma to pick up the $101.8 million prize was Richard K. Barlow, an attorney with the Keleher & McLeod law firm in Albuquerque. More from Amazing Polly.

The NYPD and FBI are swarming all over Jeffrey Epstein’s Island in search of evidence – I have significant suspicions, here’s why. More from Stefan Molyneux.

Matt Whitaker, former acting US Attorney General, says “serious questions” have been raised by Epstein’s death. He discusses the steps the Department of Justice needs to undertake to get to the bottom of the issue and demonstrate the kind of transparency to reassure a public whose confidence in the federal government has been sorely shaken.

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Her Christmas Tree Obsession

Meet Oklahoma resident and Christmas tree fanatic Shay. She’s been collecting and decorating Christmas trees for decades which sets her back $3,000 per year. Follow her around her home as she details her decorating process, where her obsession for Christmas trees came from and her favorite trees. From TLC UK.

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