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What Kind Of Socialist Is Bernie?

So, is Bernie Sanders really a Democratic Socialist? Or is he just a regular Socialist creep? What would Sanders’ vision of Democratic socialism mean for the country? More from Reason TV.

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Steven Crowder takes on the Super Tuesday results, breaking down what it means if Bernie Sanders loses the Democrat presidential nomination to Joe Biden. How will the Bernie Bros react? Can you think of anyone more established than Joe Biden? Regardless, Donald Trump is gleeful today!

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Are the Bernie Brothers even going to show up to vote for Joe Biden? More than 40 percent of them are implying they won’t. One of their most vocal spokesmen is Cenk Uygur, the YouTube commentator, who practically experienced a meltdown after Biden’s resurgence and dominance of Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday. Here,  Andrew Klavan looks at what this means.

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Bernie Sanders lost to Joe Biden in the majority of states even though many predicted Joe would come just short of Bernie. Many progressives nearly lost it at the news with Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks nearly in tears over the defeat. But it was just Bernie Sanders losing to the establishment Democrats, several progressive primary challengers lost their races as well.

In fact Cenk Uygur barely got 5% of the vote in CA-25 while many progressives in Texas got wiped out in favor of moderate Democrats. This loss was well deserved and well needed to remind the far left that their positions are unpopular and that regular Americans are not interested in socialism. But unfortunately for all Democrats Joe Biden was their only hope and there is no way he beats Trump in November. Republicans are going to mop up clean. More from Tim Pool.

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