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Socialism Killed Millions

Glenn Beck joins host Andrew Klavan to discuss why socialism is so attractive to Americans and what the costs may be if we continue to follow it.

Beck says socialism is usually driven by the artists and youth, because of their bleeding hearts. “It’s good to have a heart,” he says. “But it’s also good to have a brain.” Here’s their discussion on The Encyclopedia of Pop Culture channel.

Conservatives In Hollywood

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Andrew Klavan from the Daily Wire about what the life of Hollywood conservatives is really like, how inflation and high crime can be turned around, and how the beliefs of Black Lives Matter harm those they claim to protect.

In this clip Andrew discusses the danger of the political bubble that most of the liberal elite confine themselves to. He explains how this only exacerbates political tribalism and political polarization. Andrew also shares what it was like to know so many secret conservatives and closeted Republicans in Hollywood and the damage done by groups like the Friends of Abe staying secret.

Here’s a second clip where Andrew discusses why the Trump phenomenon should not have surprised anyone. Many Trump supporters had either been insulted or ignored by politicians over the past few decades. He explains why Glenn Youngkin’s victory is so significant and conservatives should not despair.

He discusses how America has had rampant inflation before and rising crime in major cities like NY. That is usually when leaders like Rudy Giuliani or Ronald Reagan are able to come in and impose real positive change. He describes how even his Democrat parents voted for Giuliani because they saw the results of his policies. Andrew shares his thoughts on Jordan Peterson and the importance of morality and finding meaning in your life.

We close with Andrew Klavan discussing Black Lives Matter and how that Marxist organization harms the black community. Andrew discusses why morality and Christianity are so central to his life and the dangers of not thinking through one’s beliefs. He gives the example of BLM, which advocates for the lives of the black community, but seems completely unaware of how their policies damage the very community they claim to care about. Andrew also describes the importance of freedom and individual rights and why science as a religion has failed.

You Can’t Lie Forever

Sebastian Gorka is joined in-studio by Daily Wire host, author and screenwriter Andrew Klavan to talk about how the Right forgot the art of storytelling, how the Left’s lies are bound to collapse sooner or later, and more.

News Anchor Resigns

A TV news anchor has resigned, saying she doesn’t “like the direction the media is going.” MAJOR. It’s so sad, and she’s so right. Are you paying attention? More from PragerU.

Never Woke Enough

No matter how “woke” people are becoming, it’s just not woke enough for those on the insane and radical Left. Case in point is Cyberpunk 2077, a role-playing game based in Night City, a fictional, dystopian city in California. Among the disturbing features in the game, is that each player not only can choose their characters, but also choose their genitals.

A closer look at the game concept is playing into the wonderworld of woke transgenderism. “The idea of two 13-year-old boys in a room discussing which genitals to give their characters is just too comical,” says political commentator and author Andrew Klavan. “This is being attacked by various critics as just not woke enough. Nothing is never enough for the woke, because the point of being woke is to be woker than thou.”

What it comes down to is the “super woke” are attacking everyone’s point of view to the point where they are locked down in their own consciousness and they have no tolerance whatsoever. Here’s more from a fired-up Klavan.

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Amy Barrett Vs. The Idiot People

On the eve of the historic Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, political commentator and satirist Andrew Klavan tees off on some of the stupidest people in America, aka our Democrat Senators–specifically those on the hearing’s panel.

In the running for the top lamebrain award, Klavan says, are Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono, Rhode Island’s Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and New Jersey’s Sen. Cory Booker. The mentally challenged trio uttered perhaps the most outlandish questions in the final round of their cross examination of ACB.

Hirono, who once told men in the committee chamber to shut up while she slandered then-nominee Brett Kavanaugh, attacked ACB for using the phrase sexual preference, saying it implied sexuality was a choice and is an offensive term. Huh? Even more amazing, Merriam Webster Dictionary, as if receiving direct orders from its Deep State daddy, concurred with Hirono, changing the definition overnight to include her sentiment.

Whitehouse spewed his corporate dark-money conspiracy on Barrett, suggesting her nomination was a result of this ridiculous theory. Thankfully, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz immediately debunked the wild discourse, pointing out that a major portion of dark money from these very corporations was donated to Democrat campaigns.

Later in the hearing, when ACB was asked about the George Floyd incident and condemned white supremacy, Spartacus himself, Corey Booker, took the opportunity to thank her and attack President Trump at the same time. Disgusting.

After analyzing the comments, Klavan awarded the Stupid Democrat Crown to Whitehouse. “I’m embarrassed by our Democrat Senators, because they are the stupidest and meanest bunch of clowns and animals I’ve have ever seen gathered together in one place,” he says. Tune in to hear more of his anger and satire, his thoughts on the Biden-Burisma allegations and Nancy Pelosi’s clash with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

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Why Is Fox Defending Soros?

Fox News had a bizarre exchange with Newt Gingrich during an interview, where the press refused to acknowledge George Soros’ role in funding the riots across the country. Why did this even happen, and what’s behind it? More from Andrew Klavan.

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Jamie Dlux wonders what is happening at Fox News. We not only had them cutting off former House Speaker Newt Gingrich but also Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was discussing why everyone should get a flu shot in the context of the coronavirus. This video is Lizards & Oz.

The SGTReport also touches upon the CIA debacle at Fox News in a video called Dead Witches + Fox News Clowns.



Trump Crushes Obama

When President Barack Obama took the Democratic National Convention stage to attack, demean and shame President Donald Trump and conservatives, he destroyed his party’s pseudo message of “unity.” But this was to be expected from a Commander in Chief who not only was corrupt during his two-term presidency, but also incompetent.

Among Obama’s egregious, unconstitutional directives were using the Internal Revenue Service to silence the Tea Party Movement, using the State Department to cover up his lies over the handling of Benghazi and, incredibly, using the Department of Justice to spy on an opponent’s campaign, perhaps the most damaging and treasonous of all his actions.

And, oh yes, President Trump responded. Strongly. “When I listen to that and then I see the horror that’s he’s left us. The stupidity of the transactions that he made … he was so ineffective, so terrible.” Here’s more reaction of Obama’s speech from political commentator Andrew Klavan.

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The Time I Got My Facts Wrong

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Andrew Klavan (Author and Podcast Host at Daily Wire) about the fifth chapter of “Don’t Burn This Book”, entitled ‘Check Your Facts Not Your Privilege’. Special guest host Andrew Klavan talks to Dave about the time that Larry Elder destroyed Dave Rubin’s arguments with facts. Dave and Andrew discuss how important it is to know your facts before you form an opinion on an issue. They also discuss how learning the facts associated with a topic can get you to change your position. As Ben Shapiro says “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

What Kind Of Socialist Is Bernie?

So, is Bernie Sanders really a Democratic Socialist? Or is he just a regular Socialist creep? What would Sanders’ vision of Democratic socialism mean for the country? More from Reason TV.

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Steven Crowder takes on the Super Tuesday results, breaking down what it means if Bernie Sanders loses the Democrat presidential nomination to Joe Biden. How will the Bernie Bros react? Can you think of anyone more established than Joe Biden? Regardless, Donald Trump is gleeful today!

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Are the Bernie Brothers even going to show up to vote for Joe Biden? More than 40 percent of them are implying they won’t. One of their most vocal spokesmen is Cenk Uygur, the YouTube commentator, who practically experienced a meltdown after Biden’s resurgence and dominance of Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday. Here,  Andrew Klavan looks at what this means.

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Bernie Sanders lost to Joe Biden in the majority of states even though many predicted Joe would come just short of Bernie. Many progressives nearly lost it at the news with Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks nearly in tears over the defeat. But it was just Bernie Sanders losing to the establishment Democrats, several progressive primary challengers lost their races as well.

In fact Cenk Uygur barely got 5% of the vote in CA-25 while many progressives in Texas got wiped out in favor of moderate Democrats. This loss was well deserved and well needed to remind the far left that their positions are unpopular and that regular Americans are not interested in socialism. But unfortunately for all Democrats Joe Biden was their only hope and there is no way he beats Trump in November. Republicans are going to mop up clean. More from Tim Pool.

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