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Vikings Reached South America

Academic historians generally do not admit to the presence of European visitors to South America until after the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Not many people have heard of this possibility because the archaeological research supporting it was conducted around the time of the second world war and went against the post-WW2 political narrative.

Erik Thorvaldsson, known as Erik the Red, was a Norwegian Viking, remembered in medieval and Icelandic saga sources as having founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland. His son, Leif Erikson was credited as the first known European to have discovered North America.

The Maritime Archaic is a North American cultural complex along the coast of Newfoundland and surrounding area, with at least three settlement episodes by distinct cultural groups, that began in approximately 7000 BC, also known as the Red Paint People because of the use of red ochre on their elaborate burials. More from Robert Sepehr, author and archaeologist.

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