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A Little Monkey Business

Author and anthropologist Robert Sepehr visits the gorillas at the Los Angeles Zoo as a prelude for his discussion of human evolution. He debunks the theory that mankind originated in Africa and from there spread across the continents to the remaining of the Earth. In other words, Charles Darwin climbed up the wrong tree!

Mysterious Origins Of Finland

The Sami, also called Lapp, are an endangered Finno-Ugric-speaking people inhabiting northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and parts of Russia. The origin of the European Sami is obscure, but their language is not Indo-European. And like the Basque of Iberia, the Sami have a genetic and linguistic make-up unique in Europe. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Mysteries Of The Underground

In Greek and Roman tradition, Ultima Thule is a name for “terra incognita”, or a place rumored to exist in the north, outside of established geography, a faraway, mysterious land beyond the limits of the known world. Hyperborea is a legendary continent in the Arctic and despite its location in an otherwise frigid part of the world, the Hyperboreans were believed to inhabit a sunny, temperate, and divinely-blessed land. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Debunking Out Of Africa

The replacement, or out of Africa, model proposes a single and relatively recent transition from archaic hominins to anatomically correct humans in Africa, followed by a later migration to the rest of the world, mutating or rapidly evolving into MODERN humans (not just anatomically correct) and replacing other archaic hominin populations. Here, Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist, debunks the Out-of-Africa Theory, citing its many fallacies in under 15 minutes.

Secrets Of Esoteric Christianity

Esoteric Christianity is an approach to Christianity that features “secret traditions” that require an initiation to learn or understand. The term esoteric derives from a Greek word meaning “inner”, closely related to Gnosticism, and survives in a few modern churches and occult organizations. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

The Origin Of The Sea People

The Sea People are a mysterious seafaring confederation that attacked ancient Egypt and other regions in the East Mediterranean prior to and during the Late Bronze Age collapse. The origins of the Sea Peoples is undocumented, although the Great Karnak inscription of the Pharaoh Merneptah states that at least three of the Sea Peoples (Ekwesh, Sheklesh and Sherden) were circumcised. Here, Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist, offers a few of his theories, encompassing not only the peoples of the new World but also Atlantis.

Untold Native American History

While the history of the New World would require many more videos to cover in earnest, this brief presentation touches on some of the historic inaccuracies taught by modern academia as well as recent discoveries concerning the peopling of the Americas. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Ancient Flying Machines

Vimana are mythological flying palaces or chariots described in ancient Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics, such as Rigveda, Mahabharata, Ramayana, and others. The Hindu Vedas are packed with fantastic stories about gods, their powers, and epic battles that supposedly took place long ago. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Edgar Cayce And Atlantis

Known as America’s sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce was given that nickname because he would allegedly channel from his higher self while asleep in a trance-like state.

His words were recorded and during the sessions Cayce would answer questions on a variety of subjects such as healing, reincarnation, dreams, the afterlife, past lives, future events, and most notably the ancient empire of Atlantis. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Soma: Nectar Of The Gods

Soma was an ancient brew or drink prepared by sages and yogis that was said to bestow health, vitality, strength, insight, spiritual visionary experience, and communion with divinity. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

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