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Joe Biden: Tax Hiker In Chief

Should we ever see a President Biden in office, be prepared for the same old Democrat Party policies of taxing and spending with abandon, damn the American people.

In an interview with The New York Times, Biden says there’s no reason why the top income tax rate shouldn’t be 39.6 percent. And it won’t stop there. Hiking the corporate number from 21 to 28 percent and the capital gains rate is also in the cards. Bad timing for the country, says Brian Brenberg, a Kings College professor and Fox News contributor. “The economy is at an inflection point right now,” he says. “We’re wondering whether the economy is going to continue to gain steam, is it going to lose steam. People are really worried about their jobs, about their paychecks.”

Brenberg went on to emphasize that imposing these massive tax hikes will have a  devastating effect on jobs. Brenberg says small businesses hire on a prospective basis, taking note of the capital they have  to plan for the future. Massive taxes would force them to curtail hiring and even lower salaries. Here more on Fox News.

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