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Goodbye To Checks, Balances

Political commentator Dick Morris reacts to possible outcomes of the Georgia runoff Senate elections and why it may affect the balance of power in the Senate and, by effect, other rules of law and policy.

Should the Democrats win, God forbid, you can say goodbye to checks and balances in this country, says Dick Morris, former political advisor to Presidents Trump and Clinton. He says among the first matters on the party docket will be to immediately repeal the filibuster rule, requiring only a majority vote, and also move to pack the Supreme Court, adding four new judges and changing the balance of power from 6-3 to 7-6 in favor of the liberals. And lastly, they will most likely admit Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. as brand new states, adding four Democrat Senators and nine Congressmen.

Morris dissects the consequences in this appearance with anchor Chris Salcedo on Newsmax.

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