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How McCarthy Walked The Line

Steve Turley explains how Kevin McCarthy straddled the line, giving himself and Republicans a victory in the U.S. House.

No, it wasn’t pretty nor was it close to perfect. But the end results still were preferable to what Mitch McConnell managed in the Senate.

So while we can give McCarthy some heat, we’ll reserve our more scorching fire for McConnell, as well as for Ronna McDaniel. Her days as chairwoman of the Republican National Committee should soon draw to an end. Here’s more from Turley.

Dick Morris details what exactly was said in former President Donald Trump’s phone call to Reps. Matt Gaetz and Andy Biggs on the House floor to vote for McCarthy for House Speaker. Morris also explains why this week has been a “win” for Trump’s chances in 2024. More from Newsmax.

Russia Ready To Negotiate

Vladmir Putin says the Russians stand ready to negotiate an end to the Ukraine War, which has now run more than 300 days. It does seem like Ukraine is ready for an end to the conflict, but it’s not clear if Ukraine’s allies in the West are on the same page.

Tony Shaffer, an American analyst, says Joe Biden should try to entertain peace in the Ukraine as opposed to pushing for further conflict. More from Newsmax.

Sinema Leaves The Democrats

Arizona Senator Kysten Sinema added climax to an already surprising and chaotic political season by announcing Friday she is leaving the Democratic Party. Sinema will continue to caucus with the Democrats, but now as a registered independent. Here, her colleague, U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs, an Arizona Republican, offers his reaction in an interview with Newsmax.

The Evil Behind Balenciaga

Lara Logan joins Elijah Schaffer on Slightly Offensive to break down the absolute evil behind the Balenciaga scandal. Much of it echoes the story behind Jeffrey Epstein and his involvement in child trafficking in the Caribbean.

Logan, who now stands “canceled” by even supposedly conservative news outlets like Newsmax, says she will be forming an independent body of journalists to expose and fight child trafficking.  She also will be creating her own 60 Minutes-style documentary news series she’s calling The Rest of The Story. We salute her, and brave journalists everywhere who stand up against censorship, human trafficking and other insidious scourges.


One of those who focused attention on Balenciaga was ShoeOnHead, the YOUTube Vlog commentator June Nicole Lapine. She’s generally a liberal, but riled up many of the leftists by calling out Balenciaga for pushing pedophilia. They may have thought they were being edgy, but it’s apparent. They didn’t think much before launching their Christmas campaign.

Trump-DeSantis Battle Unlikely

Never mind the blather from the leftist press. Political pundit Dick Morris explains why Ron DeSantis will strategically not run for President in 2024. Most polls now show Donald Trump ahead, not only easily trouncing DeSantis in the Republican primary, but also beating Joe Biden in the 2024 general election race.

Morris sees DeSantis steering clear of the race, and Trump instead facing marginal primary opposition from the likes of Mike Pence.

The bigger question remaining: Will the Democrats go with Joe Biden once again? Or will he pass on a re-election campaign, either due to age or emerging political scandals? Most early polls show Trump can beat Biden, although not by an enormously wide margin.  More from Morris, appearing with John Tab on the Saturday Agenda Show on Newsmax.

Was Nancy Pelosi Arrested?

Phil Godlewski reports that it appears Speaker Nancy Pelosi was arrested at her San Francisco home by U.S. Federal Marshals on Friday, after allegedly breaking an agreement with the White Hats and a leak of her complicity in a plot to assassinate President Trump.

Godlewski says video footage taken by a local NBC News affiliate in San Francisco, which later appeared on Newsmax, shows a woman with a strong likeness to Pelosi, with her hands behind her back, being escorted from her house by two federal marshals.

Godlewski says Pelosi apparently struck a clemency deal with the Alliance for her crimes and political misconduct. He says a similar photograph in late December 2020 or early January 2021 also shows Pelosi in the D.C. Capitol flanked by the same two agents during the Covid era. Here’s more and please use discernment and judge the material for yourself.

Meanwhile, Laura’s View and Tarot, Too says numerous alternative media outlets are reporting the arrest, including the alleged plan to harm President Trump and Pelosi’s complicity in the plot, which voided any previous leniency agreements with the Alliance. Laura further confirms Pelosi’s predicament in a tarot reading, which points to trouble ahead for the Speaker of the House.

Where Are The Children?

Lara Logan had a few choice words for Newsmax and some stunning truth bombs of her own, after being banned by the cable news network for standing up against human trafficking.

“I really don’t care what Newsmax says and does at all. Not one bit,” Logan says. “The question they don’t want us asking is, ‘Where are the missing children?'” Logan says hundreds of thousands of children disappear annually from the records of Child Protective Services. How is this possible with the advanced technology at our disposal. And where are the media? Why no investigations or follow-ups? Here’s more with Logan, courtesy of ThebigawakeningQ.

U.S. Military Downgraded

A new Heritage Foundation report suggests America’s military is weak and will struggle to win a war. Heritage Foundation VP James Carafano and former Trump National Security Advisor Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer join the Newsmax crew to explain further.

Great Awakening Forces Change

As the public awakens, we are seeing more calls for accountability, and demands to tackle and end rampant corruption. No longer does the average citizen trust their government leaders or their phony media representatives.

In this latest video, And We Know grapples with a host of revelations and current topics: Tulsi Gabbard leaving the Democrats, Kanye West calls for an upheaval, and former Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield sharing his Q thoughts. Buckle up!

DeSantis Update On Hurricane

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, as well as other Florida officials, give an update on day 2 of Hurricane Ian and how long 2.5 million residents will be without power. Meteorologist Mike Masco also provides insight on what’s next and which states have to get prepared – via. American Agenda on Newsmax.

Lee County, whose county seat is Ft. Myers, appears to have suffered the greatest blow. Carmine Marceno, the sheriff of the county on the southwestern coastline of Florida, says “fatalities are in the hundreds.” More from Newsmax with Leo Feldman reporting.



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