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Biden Wants To Cut Deal

Dr. Steve Pieczenik told InfoWars over the weekend that Joe Biden wants to cut a deal with President Donald Trump to avoid jail. If the president agrees, it not only will pave the way for a second Trump term, but also lead to Deep State arrests, involving bad actors working election fraud and even greater crimes, including pedophilia. The prison at Guantanamo Bay has been doubled in size over the past year or so, being prepped for mass arrests.

Pieczenik expects a major downsizing in the federal structure. Agencies like the Department of Justice, FBI and CIA must either reform or die. There’s a tether now limiting their scope and outreach. No longer will they be able to manipulate the country in the same way, like starting bogus wars. Interesting enough, after years of being sent into overseas combat, the military played a key role at home to work the sting that will expose all these bad actors. More from InfoWars.


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