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Spotlight Turned On Big Pharma

The [Deep State] is being exposed. First, it was censorship by Big Tech, government, and now, Big Pharma. The truth belongs to the people.

The [Deep State] has lost control of the narrative using the fake news propaganda machine, the investigations, Big Tech platform and, now, the people are going to see how Big Pharma, Fauci, the CDC and FDA deceived the people. The damage they caused by pushing this agenda will not be forgotten. The truth is going to bring it all down.  More from the X22 Report.

Jan. 6: The Untold Story

The federal government is tyrannical in its all-out political persecution of anyone associated with the Jan. 6 security breach of the Capitol. Grant Stinchfield reports that the real crime the protestors committed is simply supporting President Trump.

As for the few that should be punished, their sentences do not fit the crime. Stinchfield singles out the case of Jeff Brown, a man in his mid-50s, who admittedly got carried away. A jury just convicted him on felony assault, impeding law enforcement with a deadly weapon and interfering with enforcement during a civil disobedience. He has yet to be sentenced but Brown now faces up to 20 years in prison.

DOJ Goes After Arizona

When Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey issued an executive order in August, ordering the placement of shipping containers along gaps in Arizona’s southern border wall, the move didn’t sit too well with government officials.

The feds have been fighting with the state ever since in an attempt  to force them to remove the containers. The Biden Administration’s DOJ has now gone a step further and sued the state. ACLJ’s Sekulow Team takes a closer look at the crisis and dives deeper into the lawsuit.

Feds Nab Drug Kingpin

Sara Carter reports that a recent raid on the southern border by the FBI and DEA led to the arrest of a millionaire drug kingpin.

Carter says the successful operation should put a dent in the fentanyl traffic in the United States. She explains further and also reveals the search of alien researcher Joerg Arnu’s home by the feds near Area 51, where they may have uncovered some top secret information that the government is hiding.

What Are The Feds Up To?

As the conclusion to the Great Awakening looms, it appears the Feds are  losing their minds!

Riss Flex reports on a number of actions by federal agents that defy reality, with the ridiculous subpoena of President Trump by the Jan. 6 Committee and also an order by a corrupt federal judge that he be deposed in a crackpot rape and defamation case at the top of the heap!

Then there was the arrest of an 87-year-old granny, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, for singing religious hymns outside an abortion clinic and the criminal case involving a CIA agent–and driver for the Obamas–for hacking into his girlfriend’s phone and stealing sensitive data.

What the hell is going on? The panic is real, folks, and it’s setting in fast. Here’s Flex’s report.


Biden’s Man-made Disaster

Think about all the things wrong with the country right now and it makes you wonder: Is this the Biden Administration’s plan?

Glenn Beck reports that we are being starved into a third-world state. Our homes starved of energy, our cars starved of fuel and our children’s bellies starved of food. And guess who the masses turn to when this all gets worse–the federal government. “Because even though Biden’s Build Back Better bill was stopped by Congress, his team is going full steam ahead to destroy America’s energy industries, anyway,” Beck says. Here’s his report.

Media Gets $1B Bribe To Lie

Ben Armstrong reports that a FOIA request from Blaze Media reveals our federal government handed over cool $1 billion to the media to promote propaganda on the Covid-19 vaccines. Naomi Wolf, CEO of, says what it basically amounts to is a bribe to the mainstream media to lie about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

Armstrong says the media names will shock you. In addition to liberal outlets, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and the LA Times, the FOIA revealed alleged conservative media Fox News, Newsmax and the New York Post were in on the money grab, which also included many smaller newspapers and TV stations. Armstrong brings us the rest of the story, plus he welcomes Dr. Robert Malone to discuss the 55,000-page dump of Pfizer documents regarding its vaccine.

Feds Helped Fusion GPS!

Newly released evidence in the case against Glen Simpson and Fusion GPS reveal they were being assisted by the Federal Government! How did this collusion occur? Was it outright fraud aimed at framing President Donald Trump? More from RedPill78.

Massive Bribery Payout Scheme

Analyst and Researcher Bobby Bounds joins Sarah Westall to share the in-depth analysis and research he has completed on the actual death records and hospital payouts for COVID. The evidence is very damning.

It shows a massive payout and fraud scheme perpetrated by our government in collusion with major institutions. This is the core evidence to indict and prosecute the criminals that are still using this scheme to kill and injure the American people.

This is part one of a two-part series.

Part Two of the series was uploaded to the web with the following title: Life: How Much Is Life Worth?

The Covid Games Never End

International health scientist, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, warns the public to wake up and take control of their lives. She says the government has been lying about Covid-19 since Day 1 and is only interested in creating a perpetual pandemic.

Says Stuckelberger, “Those who got vaccinated, thought the vaccine would liberate them. But they have to keep on wearing masks and have to keep doing lockdowns and distancing. It doesn’t solve anything.” She says if you search hard enough, you will find the federal government already has a plan to extend the pandemic through 2031. Further due diligence reveals that Johns Hopkins University has issued a plan for its SPARS pandemic project for 2025 and 2028. It never ends. Here’s more on the RenaudBe channel.

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