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Seth Rich Records Released

The good news is the FBI has finally released records of the Seth Rich murder case. The bad news, says an animated Martin Brodel, “Guess what, though, it’s all redacted! There ain’t shit there.”

Brodel says this FBI, DOJ and so many other government agencies are so corrupt, but he expects they will get cleaned out. He predicts the FBI, CIA and DOJ will remain in government. “They’re going to be cleaned up and we’re not going to have the crap we have today,” he says. “And I guarantee you, we’re going to get to the bottom of the Seth Rich murder.” In this segment of Brodel, he reports on the continued tinkering with causes of death in the COVID pandemic, the fake battle with masks and vaccines, an update on Greta Thunberg and the homeless crises in California.


A Chance To Restore Republic?

Is this the key to restoring our Republic and our freedom? Listen as Anna von Reitz helps to unlock the secrets which have allowed two Corporations to steal our government and our birthright in the largest FRAUD ever committed in human history. More from the SGTReport.

How To Drain The Swamp

How exactly do you go about draining The Swamp? First off, says Liz Wheeler, you can’t successfully drain The Swamp, unless you know where it came from.

The former One America News anchor defines The Swamp, or Deep State, as the Administrative State, composed of government employees and officials in agencies of the Executive Branch of federal government, who are not elected, not appointed, have no accountability to voters, are nearly impossible to fire, yet have the power to impose rules and regulations on we the people.

So how did the Deep State get so entrenched in our government? Short answer: Blame the progressives. They attacked our constitutional government’s enshrined view of limited government, beginning with President Woodrow Wilson and his radical ideas, followed by FDR’s  progressive New Deal and President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, all which damaged the separation of powers envisioned by our founding fathers and empowered Swamp creatures to rule behind the backs of our elected officials.

Wheeler says firing these leaches won’t solve the problem and neither will one President. The answer to fixing the fundamental problem requires the Legislative Branch to stop delegating power to executive agencies and for the judiciary to reject the Administrative State on a Constitutional basis. Problem is, members of Congress–both Democrats and Republicans–don’t want to drain The Swamp. Here’s more with Wheeler.

Is Pardon Coming For Assange?

Update on the massive list of nearly 2 million Chinese spies, fully translated at, CISA announces a data breach that has massive implications for the Federal Government and Fortune 500 companies, Dominion back in the news, Court battle win in Michigan, we now have conclusive proof of built-in Dominion fraud, another win in Wisconsin and Republican electors attempt to cast their votes in contested states, as well as a possible pardon for Julian Assange. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State] has been warned countless times. They all walked through the front door, that is they [knowingly] worked with a foreign country to manipulate the elections. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe will be handing over a report about foreign election interference. This is where everything changes. The [DS] will react to this, most likely a blackout. We now have dueling electors casting votes. The Mainstream Media is pushing their side but they know they will lose in the end. Messages are sent. The patriots have it all. More from the X22 Report.

Headlines! Dominion voting machines made for cheating! Shape-shifting news anchors! More from McAllister TV.

Trump’s secret weapon against the criminal plot to steal the election. More from JustInformed Talk.

We are witnessing High Treason. It will be vanquished. More from the SGTReport.

Biden Wants To Cut Deal

Dr. Steve Pieczenik told InfoWars over the weekend that Joe Biden wants to cut a deal with President Donald Trump to avoid jail. If the president agrees, it not only will pave the way for a second Trump term, but also lead to Deep State arrests, involving bad actors working election fraud and even greater crimes, including pedophilia. The prison at Guantanamo Bay has been doubled in size over the past year or so, being prepped for mass arrests.

Pieczenik expects a major downsizing in the federal structure. Agencies like the Department of Justice, FBI and CIA must either reform or die. There’s a tether now limiting their scope and outreach. No longer will they be able to manipulate the country in the same way, like starting bogus wars. Interesting enough, after years of being sent into overseas combat, the military played a key role at home to work the sting that will expose all these bad actors. More from InfoWars.


Trump Gets Poll Bump

President Donald Trump gets a big poll bump at the same time he tests positive for coronavirus. More from Steve Turley.

Trump Tests Positive On Full Moon 33 Days Before Election! What’s Going On?! In this video, we break down the official story of Trump testing positive and explain the continuity of government system in the United States. More from We Are Change.

Trump Gives Workers A Break

President Donald Trump gave federal workers something they hadn’t enjoyed since 1935. He granted them a paid day of leave for Christmas Eve. So they got off two days this week! Maybe a few more of them will appreciate his leadership. We’ll see. More from Lisa Haven.

Huckabee Slams Time Magazine

Mike Huckabee slammed a TIME magazine story that said President Trump’s opposition to Washington bureaucracy could come at the expense of our democracy. The former Arkansas governor called it the latest example of an anti-Trump press writing a “contemptuous and condescending story.”

He said that journalists like the one that wrote the article still do not understand that Americans voted for Trump because of the size of government bureaucracy, not in spite of it.

“This is at the zenith of what people are disgusted by,” Huckabee said, adding that Trump is the “major disruption” the people have been wanting to see in the capital. “It’s a war for the freedom that the American people have lost because of Washington,” he said.


Attack of the Austerions

Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky,  and CATO economist Dan Mitchell join John Stossel to discuss a pipe dream called austerity.

Subsidize Silly Walks

Prof. Art Carden has developed some silly walks and is seeking payment for his work. Since he cannot find anyone to pay him voluntarily, perhaps he should apply for a government subsidy for producing silly walks. But while silly walks may benefit society, the fact that people will not pay for their development voluntarily indicates that people do not value silly walks as much as other things people would pay Prof. Carden to do. Are some subsidies valid, though? What about for food? Or for education? How about subsidies for clean energy? Is government assistance definitely better for society?

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