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Justice Roberts The Leaker?

Alex Jones bluntly asserts that John Roberts leaked the Supreme Court’s draft of the abortion decision. It’s common knowledge among patriots that the chief justice is blackmailed, compromised and a Deep Stater, who has used his lofty position on SCOTUS to advance many liberal causes.

Jones gives us his analysis, welcomes U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to the show and shares updates on major intel.

Jabs Killing More Minorities

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra admitted that vaccines are killing minorities at twice the rate of white people. Speaking at the Convening on Equity Summit in D.C., Becerra said Blacks, Latinos and indigenous people were most victimized by the jabs. Was this an admission of guilt or a slip of the tongue? Infowars’ Alex Jones explains.

Immigration Invasion Looming

In an incredible move and admission, the Biden Administration and the CDC say there is no need for border precautions due to the pandemic, adding that it was just Trump pandemic hysteria to block immigration.

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer says the lifting of restrictions has forced the border patrol into a scramble in expectation of a massive immigration invasion. He also reports on the Left’s aggression in their sexualization of the children’s agenda and how will America respond to the latest madness. Here’s the story, plus more.

The Nazification Of The West

There is a long and largely untold history of Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine, but the fact is, the Nazis spread widely across much of the West. Hardly anyone nowadays speaks of the major corporations, including Ford Motors, J.P. Morgan, General Motors and Standard Oil, that supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. And nearly all of NASA’s early accomplishments were the result of the work of Nazi scientists. More from Greg Reese on InfoWars.

The Collapse Of Heaven

Indian yoga guru, Sadhguru, joins Joe Rogan to discuss the concept of the collapse of heaven and how it has affected all humanity. The younger generation, Sadhguru says, dismisses heaven, opting rather for fulfillment in the here and now. Problem is, to attain that goodness, they are turning more to chemical addiction. He explains on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Russia Sanctions Biden, Dems

Russia has imposed sanctions against President Biden, the main players in his cabinet and corrupt Democrats Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden, among others. Is Vladimir Putin sending a serious message to the West or is he merely trolling the Democrats? Here’s Infowars’ Owen Shroyer with more.

Pfizer: They Knew In Advance

An anonymous whistleblower tells Infowars’ Owen Shroyer that Pfizer knew far in advance of the Covid-19 outbreak. He says the pharmaceutical giant likely was building the infrastructure to release vaccines more than a year before it broke. Here’s more.

It’s Putin Vs. New World Order

Veteran journalist and radio show host, Lee Stranahan tells Infowars that the Ukrainian crisis is basically Putin versus the New World Order, not the Ukrainian people.

Stranahan says the Russian military is surrounding cities, yet leaving humanitarian corridors for Ukrainian citizens to leave the devastation. “The people stopping them from getting out are the Ukrainians,” he says. Here’s more of his analysis with Alex Jones, including the shocking evidence on why Putin invaded to begin with.

CIA And Satanic Pop Culture

Jay Dyer of breaks down the CIA connections to Hollywood, the music industry, postmodern art, and the satanic ideology it perpetuates. More from InfoWars.

Hunter Biden Linked To Biolabs

Citizens of the world have been receiving an advanced education on bioweapons, says Greg Reese, of the Reese Report. He adds that the very same crooks we see foisting the Great Reset medical tyranny, are involved in the Ukraine bioweapons labs, all funded with our tax dollars through the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

U.S. company Black & Veach has worked closely with DTRA, building bioweapons labs and share an office with Metabiota Inc. in Kyiv. Reese says further research reveals Metabiota got its start in 2015, with funding from Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, who ponied up $30 million to allegedly prevent the spread of epidemics. And the web of deceit goes on and on. Here’s more of Reese’s report, courtesy of Infowars.

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