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Jones: Lockdown II Coming

Not only is the Biden Administration preparing to mandate forced coronavirus vaccinations, it is also rolling out a plan for total censorship.

Alex Jones reports the plan has been percolating for a while, but now it appears that they’re moving their whole timetable up. And it doesn’t look pretty. He says the restrictions will become more Draconian, including Lockdown II and fines if you leave your house without the deadly inoculations. It’s going to get wild and crazy, folks. Here are the details with Jones.

DNC Plans To Censor Americans

In a bombshell revelation, buried in the middle of a Politico article, the DNC and other Biden-allied groups want to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS (short message service) carriers to refute private conversations if they question the establishment’s vaccine narrative.

Alex Jones says reports from the White House Press Secretary reveal that the DNC is requesting that Apple and the Droid manufacturers give Democrat-approved fact-checkers access to all private text messages. “Think about that,” Jones says. “They’re already in your phone, they’re already surveilling you, they already track you with cookies and read your private messages on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, including your private nude pics.” It’s 1984 all over again. Here’s Jones with more details.

Fauci Calls For Forced Vaccines

There’s comes a time every few generations when evil emerges from the shadows to announce its sinister plan. Well, it’s happening, folks. In the past few days, alleged world leaders from Australia, the European Union, the United Nations and Pope Francis, among others, announced a New World Order of permanent lockdowns, quarantines, forced inoculations and fraudulent PCR tests. Leave your home at your own risk, they warn.

Alex Jones of InfoWars reports the message has hit the mainstream media and is meant to politically control you when they plunge the world economy into a total depression and issue you a world digital ID via your smartphone. And front and center on the talk shows over the weekend was our favorite villain, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who unabashedly announced that he wants forced inoculations. Here’s an in-depth look with Jones.

Border Worse Than You Think

Warriors For Ranchers activist Mike Miller tells InfoWars that the crisis on the border is much worse than anyone can imagine. Mexican cartels and their smugglers are firmly in control, creating havoc and chaos from California to Texas.

We’ve been privy to the open-border smuggling operation, which is conducted through the Catholic facilities and the border patrol, and sanctioned by the Biden Administration. “That’s just one level of a policy to bring in as many illegal immigrants as possible,” InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer says. “Then you have the open-border story, which is death, drug smuggling, gun-running, raping and murder.” And not surprisingly, not one peep from the mainstream media. Get the scoop from Shroyer and Miller, who describe groups of innocent children left for dead, “rape trees” employed by the cartels and murders execution style.

Saline Being Subbed For Vaccine

Thousands who thought they were receiving the coronavirus vaccination were instead being injected with saline. InfoWars’ Alex Jones exposes the news censored by Big Tech as viable treatments and the stories of adverse reactions to vaccines that are pushed out of the public conversation by authoritarian antihuman globalists.

The Dark Plan To Mutate Man

The globalists are keenly aware of human potential, but they’re afraid of it and want to dumb-down the general public so they can play God and not have competition. They’ve launched a desperate, depopulation, brain-damaging program to destroy capitalism and what’s left of free market, because their socialist New World Order can’t compete with America.

Author and TV peronality Jay Dyer joins InfoWars and Alex Jones to discuss the globalists’ dark plan to mutate man.

Trump Returning In 2 Months

Mike Lindell proclaimed Sunday night that President Trump will be back in office in two months, and no later than the fall! He says more details and dates on Trump’s return will come on July 4, when he also will announce a Cyber Symposium and its venue.

“It’s going to be a three-day event and what we’re bringing is all the white hat experts that validated the evidence (of a Trump victory), different ones from different parts of the country,” he says. “Then we’re going to invite every cyber expert that has CISSP credentials.” Lindell says he’s also handing out invitations to the media, politicians and fact checkers.

“Just like Alan Dershowitz said, this is the most important case in history for our First Amendment rights of free speech,” Lindell says. Here’s more on his symposium with  Alex Jones of InfoWars.

DOJ Hunting Down Dissidents

Roger Stone joins Alex Jones on InfoWars to break down the horrifying reality that the Department of Justice is being used to hunt down political dissidents. Stone says people are now being surveilled not only for their political ties, but also for their political opinions, according to the Washington Times and Washington Examimer.

Join Stone and Jones as they dissect the government’s double standard in the political playground with the complete complicity of the mainstream media.


Was Tarmac Reporter Killed?

Did the Clinton Crime Syndicate claim another victim? InfoWars’ Alex Jones reports that Christopher Sign, the Phoenix reporter who broke the infamous Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting at Sky Harbor International Airport, was apparently gunned down by a Deep State hit squad over the weekend.

Sign, who worked for the ABC-TV affiliate in Phoenix when he exposed the tarmac meeting in 2016, was overwhelmed with death threats, forcing him to move to Hoover, Alabama, where his wife had family. Hoover authorities are investigating the death as an apparent suicide. Says Jones, “To go to that escalation, to start really killing people, passes a whole other rubicon. And it’s because the globalists are so entirely desperate.” Here’s more on the tragedy from InfoWars.

Fauci Let Pandemic Happen

In a stirring condemnation of Dr. Anthony Fauci that Fox News refused to post on YouTube, Tucker Carlson called out “America’s doctor” for letting the coronavirus pandemic happen. Fox apparently found the report so controversial that it did not make it available on YouTube for fear of being penalized.

Citing an article in Medium, by former New York Times science editor Nicholas Wade, Carlson says that the piece makes it clear that more than any other American, Fauci was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.  He says Wade lays out a nearly  insurmountable amount of evidence that the virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, where gain-of-function research was conducted on infectious diseases, and funded and approved by Fauci. Here’s the entire Carlson segment, which InfoWars ran as a public service announcement on its Banned.Video site.


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