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Never Woke Enough

No matter how “woke” people are becoming, it’s just not woke enough for those on the insane and radical Left. Case in point is Cyberpunk 2077, a role-playing game based in Night City, a fictional, dystopian city in California. Among the disturbing features in the game, is that each player not only can choose their characters, but also choose their genitals.

A closer look at the game concept is playing into the wonderworld of woke transgenderism. “The idea of two 13-year-old boys in a room discussing which genitals to give their characters is just too comical,” says political commentator and author Andrew Klavan. “This is being attacked by various critics as just not woke enough. Nothing is never enough for the woke, because the point of being woke is to be woker than thou.”

What it comes down to is the “super woke” are attacking everyone’s point of view to the point where they are locked down in their own consciousness and they have no tolerance whatsoever. Here’s more from a fired-up Klavan.

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