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The Magical Mushroom

The world is heating up, the planet is drowning in plastic and we’re on the verge of an energy crisis. Seems like humanity is screwed. But wait, an ancient and freely occurring lifeform might very well be the answer to all our problems.

That lifeform is fungus, of which there are between 2.2-5 million species in the world today, and the fungal element most people are familiar with is the mushroom, which is essentially the fruit of fungi. Science has identified about 20,000 species of fungi that produce mushrooms, varying from the deadly, to the delicious to the magical. And seemingly tying the whole process together is mycelium, the vegetative part of fungus. Mycelia helps serve fungi’s No. 1 role in the natural ecosystem–eating all the dead stuff.

So the next time you sneer at a slice of moldy bread, remember that fungus could help the environment, your body, your mind and the whole of humanity. Here’s more from Thoughty2.

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