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Bodies Piling Up In Georgia

Why are bodies piling up around the governor of Georgia — Brian Kemp? Does election fraud play a factor in these crimes? Here’s the deal. More from The Salty Cracker.

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2 thoughts on “Bodies Piling Up In Georgia

  1. Someone who wants to be let alone and get no more emails on said:

    None of your videos will even play. So why the fuck do you keep emailing me?

    • We’re sorry you have had trouble watching our videos. We draw most of them from Bitchute and Rumble, a few from YouTube. We have found all three of these services to be reliable most of the time.

      That said, there will be times when videos on these services are unavailable to view. Censorship is an on-going problem, particularly with YouTube. There are times when the other services — Rumble and Bitchute — are being jammed.

      In those instances, come back later and most of the videos will resurface for viewing. They are not gone, but they are temporarily blocked, whether through censorship or technical problems. Take care, Call Me Stormy

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