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Left Devouring Our Country

The Left is destroying our country. These progressive and corrupt radicals are devouring our societies, implementing Marxist policies one step at a time, while attacking customs, traditions and institutions.

Conservative commentator Mark Levin points to what these extremists have done to our voting systems, our borders, our economic system. “It’s just an appalling thing,” he says. “We’re fighting two wars at once–the domestic war, which truly seeks to destroy our economic and government system, and it’s a grave threat. And a foreign war with Communist China.”

The movement is somewhat analogous to Great Britain, the most powerful country in the world a little more than a century ago, and now a mere third-tier super power. America is on the decline and we have no guarantees that we’ll remain the most powerful country on Earth. Here’s more with Levin on Blaze TV.

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