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We Don’t Talk About China

Did you catch the part where they sing about China? Who knew Jen Psaki could sing? More from the Babylon Bee.

Baldwin The Psycho

World War 3 scare event prelude!?! Putin sees our weakness! Biden is fake! Fake news won’t talk about it because the fake news are all traitors! Election was rigged! Covid, a gift from hell, courtesy of China!

Democrats are the party of death! And psychos like Alec Baldwin! Here, let’s review clues from the recent Donald Trump rally in Pennsylvania, setting the table for an event! More from McAllister TV.

China About To Invade Taiwan?

Is China setting up shop to finally invade Taiwan? Their aircraft carrier group has just stationed itself to the East of Taiwan and could be setting up for an invasion. China seeks to add Taiwan to their plans for the Belt and Road Initiative aka the New Silk Road. More from Titus Frost.

How China Stole Hollywood

Chris Fenton, a Hollywood executive responsible for successfully pairing up the USA and China’s movie industries, tells all about how it happened with films like Iron Man 3 and Looper. Fenton believes it all went too far, and a necessary rebalance is needed. More from laowhy86.

Dems Becoming Republicans 4-1

Democrats are leaving their party and becoming Republicans by a 4-1 split in the state of Pennsylvania. Similar margins are occurring in other swing states, including Wisconsin and Nevada.

What this suggests? Republicans could well be on the winning side of the ledger in this November’s mid-term election. They will likely retake the U.S. House, and quite possibly the Senate as well.

Black Conservative Patriot touches on these issues, also addressing the factors that will influence whether President Donald Trump runs again for the office in 2024, as well as the Chinese lockdown of Shanghai and the super-shady Bush family.


Glaring Example Of Media Bias

Eric Bolling tears into the mainstream media for covering up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal during the 2020 Election cycle. He calls it “the most glaring example of media bias in my lifetime.” Here, Boolling appears on Newsmax’s program Eric Bolling The Balance.

Mel joins The Fly Over Conservatives family for a deep dive into what we can discern about the information that can be found on Hunter Biden and the morass of evils and deals that should concern every American. Warning some material may be upsetting. We must uncover the truth to bring darkness to light. God Wins! There are two videos and we present both of those below.

How Far Will A Father Go?

How far will a father go…to keep his dirty son’s name out of the news? Watch as Joe Biden negotiates with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. More from The United Spot.

Biden: “Food Shortages Real”

Bread and circuses keep the masses asleep…and they are taking away the bread. As Joe Biden announces food shortages are coming — prompting many to go stock up, and likely necessitating food rationing — two massive attacks are being perpetrated against our food supply:

A “bird flu” epidemic is sweeping Europe and the US, again fueled by PCR tests, forcing mass depopulation of poultry and “backyard flocks.” And farms contaminated with PFAS are being shut down as it is finally revealed that the “Biosludge” applied to farms (including organic!) was the equivalent of salting the Earth to destroy food production.

In this Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian Westbrook breaks it down and explores what is going to happen next: A great awakening. More from the Ice Age Farmer.

Fox News host reacts to the president saying food shortages will be real on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight. This is a direct consequence of having a traitor like Joe Biden occupying the White House. He is allowing food exports to continue to skyrocket to Communist China, all while the specter of widespread hunger and food shortages spreads across the United States. Not exactly a compassionate or an adroit president, just a flea-bitten tinhorn and a crook.


All Will Be Revealed!

Ukraine is being accused of biolabs. Trump said the virus came from China. But there is a Chy-na in Ukraine. All will be revealed!

Potus never telegraphs his moves! Earthly rooted [Deep State] civilization as they see it is being uprooted! More from And We Know.

Russia Flips To The East

Blocked out by the United States and NATO, Russia is now flipping to the East, cutting new deals with Communist China and India. Will Russia not only survive the NATO embargo, but become much stronger in the aftermath? Let’s consider the possibilities. More from Steve Turley.

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