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We’re Not Going To Stop

Mark Dice brings us up to date on all of the censorship moves by Big Tech. He also touts the few alternates standing in the way of a total free speech blackout — sites like Gab and MeWe. He doesn’t sugarcoat the situation, but does remind conservatives: We have alternatives. There are places where we can go to speak and communicate freely without the Big Tech goons shutting us down.

The Quartering offers a handy guide to alternative media platforms on the Internet. These are becoming more essential as the original online platforms, like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, continue to press increased censorship.

The alternatives might not be as large, and also might have a few rules you need to follow. But they will allow you to expand the outreach of your content. Some of the platforms covered include: BitChute, Guilded, Minds, Odysee, Ruckus, Rumble and SubscribeStar.

As these alternatives grow, it will be interesting to see how long before the older sites drop their doctrinaire Leftism and the snooty pretenses!

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