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Greenwald Moves To Rumble

Tied of the brazen censorship we’ve seen from YouTube, investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald has left that platform and transferred his social media account over to Rumble. Here, he joins Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss his move to Rumble and why all of us need to fight online censorship.

Inflation To Sink Biden Regime

Hyperinflation will lead to the collapse of Joe Biden’s regime. That’s the prediction of Clif High, who says inflation is now running at a reported 5.4 percent, but actually is approaching hyperinflation levels of at least three to four times higher than that figure. Gasoline prices alone have climbed by more than one-third since Biden took office in January.

Those in his Federal Reserve are working to camouflage and hide the impact of this inflation. But Clif High says sometime this fall, possibly as soon as September, the U.S. government will be forced into a corner dealing with the inflation that Biden’s policies are aggravating.

We are already seeing signs of the coming collapse, he says. For instance, one prelude is the Biden regime’s Nazi-like drive, trying to force vaccinations via door-to-door soliciting.

Clif High is interviewed here by Greg Hunter on his program USAWatchdog. You can follow Hunter on Rumble, and Clif High on Bitchute. Neither is on the censor-controlled YouTube any more.


The Mission Is Just Beginning

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now doing exactly what the Patriots want. The mission is about to begin. The plan is moving forward. The last four years was about changing everything: Waking people up, putting a plan in place to protect the country. The storm is coming and it will hit the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media when they least expect it. [Hillary Rodham Clinton] sends out comms. Is something big about to happen? More from the X22 Report.

Did the GOP betray the American people? Who’s actually in control? Are we headed for another crisis? More from JustInformed Talk.

Rumble advertises itself as a free-speech alternative to YouTube. But Jordan Sather says Rumble has been modifying his videos that pertain to the Q movement. Here, he shows how the meddling censorship is done. Unlike his other videos posted on Rumble, those pertaining to the Q movement do not show a view count. And the embed button has been removed from all of them, meaning they can’t be embedded on Facebook or other platforms and websites. The moral of the story: Rumble might be an improvement over YouTube. But it’s only marginally so. We prefer Bitchute, even if it’s occasionally wonky.

We’re Not Going To Stop

Mark Dice brings us up to date on all of the censorship moves by Big Tech. He also touts the few alternates standing in the way of a total free speech blackout — sites like Gab and MeWe. He doesn’t sugarcoat the situation, but does remind conservatives: We have alternatives. There are places where we can go to speak and communicate freely without the Big Tech goons shutting us down.

The Quartering offers a handy guide to alternative media platforms on the Internet. These are becoming more essential as the original online platforms, like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, continue to press increased censorship.

The alternatives might not be as large, and also might have a few rules you need to follow. But they will allow you to expand the outreach of your content. Some of the platforms covered include: BitChute, Guilded, Minds, Odysee, Ruckus, Rumble and SubscribeStar.

As these alternatives grow, it will be interesting to see how long before the older sites drop their doctrinaire Leftism and the snooty pretenses!

No Cake For You, Sue

In Pursuit of Truth surfaces on Bitchute for the first time in the aftermath of the Great Reset and Massacre of Patriotic Sites on YouTube. This video, less than two minutes, is a short compendium of the places where you can still find IPOT in the wake of YouTube’s cowardly and communistic censorship.

And IPOT reminds us: “There’s no cake left over for you, Sue.” Could he be referring to the head Bolshevik over at YouTube, Susan Wojcicki? Freedom-loving minds have to ponder the many possibilities!

Winter is coming for the Big Tech oligarchs. So says Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He opens this And We Know video, appropriately called Censorship, Town Halls and Nods…Oh My.

Just like In Pursuit of Truth as well as And We Know, Lori Colley lost her YouTube channel in Thursday’s massacre. She has now resurfaced on Rumble with her first new video since the slap from the YouTube censors. She says, ” Hunter’s laptop contents have the Deep State running for cover, expending ammo and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at people sharing the truth.” She adds, “We are fearless.”

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