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Traitorous Liz Cheney Called Out

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, and the nine other NeoCon Republicans who voted to impeach President Donald Trump are facing a massive backlash. Two more rural counties have voted to secede. More from Steve Turley.

We understand the secession movement. But the fact is: We represent the overwhelming majority of Republicans. More than 90 percent of the party membership voted to re-elect President Trump.

We should not be seceding. We should be kicking Cheney out of the party along with the nine other traitors who joined the corrupt Democrats to impeach our President. We have had it with Republicans who betray the country, betray the Republican voters and so flagrantly betray our President.

We’ve got one message for Liz: If you’re going to run again in two years, better switch your party affiliation to the Demoncrats. We don’t want you. And we most certainly do not need you. Go kiss Nancy Pelosi’s fat butt! You two belong together.


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