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Too Much Free Speech?

You would think the politicians who swore an oath to defend and protect the Constitution should have at least some basic idea of what it’s all about.

“Right Angle’ co-host Stephen Green says both parties are coming after our First Amendment rights to  free speech. He joins colleagues Bill Whittle and Scott to debate the issue.

Dirty Judge Hit With Complaint

Judge  Arthur Engoron is officially slapped with a judicial complaint from Rep. Elise Stefanik, making her one of few politicians doing anything concrete to draw attention to the Democrat-run trial in New York. Will the pendulum swing the other way? Trump contemplates “indictments in reverse” after winning in 2024.

Judge Aileen Cannon DENIES Trump’s request to continue his trial past the election (for now), but modifies other deadlines that may have consequence when the time comes. Former Trump Lawyer James Trusty considers the possibilities and spars over other Trump prosecution issues with CNN.

Curious to see 70 Republicans who rejected an amendment to defund a $300 million-dollar new FBI headquarters monstrosity at the same time the Department of Justice announced a high-end brothel network that serviced the D.C. area had been busted. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Organized Evil

Arizona Sen. Andy Biggs joins The Sara Carter Show to share his frustration with fellow Republicans and their refusal to hold the Biden Administration accountable for the border crisis.

Biggs says Congress has the power of the purse, but Republicans won’t hold up Democrat projects to demand a sane border policy. Here’s more with Carter and Biggs and the organized evil on the border.

Trump Surging In Dem States

With the ongoing debacle, which is the Biden presidency, Liberal Hivemind reports that Donald J. Trump surge in Democrat states has begun.

New polling data suggests that there’s been a huge shift in perception relating to the southern border and specifically the border wall. This is clearly an about-face from Trump’s support of  building the wall during his campaign and early presidency, when there was an outcry from lame Democrats and Rinos to squelch the project, claiming he was racist.

The new data reveals that a huge majority support the wall, especially Republicans and Independents, and Democrats are becoming more open to the idea. More from Liberal Hivemind.

Interim Speaker Boots Pelosi

Patrick McHenry, a North Carolina Republican now serving as Speaker Pro Tempore in the U.S. House, made a bold move Wednesday to stake a more permanent claim to his interim position. McHenry booted former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ordering her to leave the Speaker’s Office by the end of the day.

Hard as it is to believe, Pelosi has been occupying the office for the past year. Newly ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy never kicked her out or took over the office to which he been supposedly elected. And the American press never questioned the arrangement or reported what was transpiring.

In other words, we have been lied to by every one for a full year. We can no longer believe or trust any of these players or parties or institutions.

Republican or Democrat, acclaimed journalists, they need to be run out of town on a rail if they are not going abide by the people’s wishes or even honestly explain what’s afoot. Here’s more from Steve Turley, who also discusses rumors of former President Donald Trump becoming the next Speaker of the House.

With the ouster of McCarthy, several have announced intentions to make a move, including Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, and Jim Jordan-R-Ohio. Even POTUS’s name is back in the ring! Here’s more from RedPill78.

Prediction: Trump Won’t Run

Derek Johnson added to the mounting intrigue regarding the 2024 Presidential election by boldly predicting Donald J. Trump will not run.

Appearing on NVTV, with host Nicholas Veniamin (0:26:00 of video), Johnson says, “Donald Trump did not leave a billionaire status just to become a president. This was about, OK, we need someone who is strong, charismatic, people love you, then doing this, this and this.” Johnson says he believes this was all part of a controlled operation and by the time we reach the election cycle next year, the country will be in a healing process.

Johnson elaborates, plus brings more intel.

The Lawfare Strategy

Dinesh D’Souza reveals how the Democrats and the left have perfected lawfare as a strategy of political warfare. He argues the right should follow suit.

D’Souza explains further, plus welcomes Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac to the podcast to share his Christian testimony, and also offers a brief history of gender, which shows our downward trajectory as part of a conscious strategy of half-truths and deception.

The State Wants Your Property

G. Edward Griffin, founder of Freedom Force International and Red Pill University, says the condition of property rights in the U.S. is deteriorating.

Appearing on London Real, with host Brian Rose, Griffin bluntly submits that the state wants your property. “All collective regimes and tyrannies do not like people to have property because that gives them independence, gives them the ability to resist the tyrannical power. They don’t like that at all,” Griffin says.

He explains further, including the right to defend your life and liberty as it pertains to property rights and the 2nd Amendment.

Exposed For The World To See

Some 25,000 Navy sailors and members of the U.S. Marines prepare for global conflict in what’s being called a Large Scale Exercise 2023.  Is this a random event, or are members of the U.S. military getting ready to take down enemies — both domestic and foreign?

Everything is now set up for the entire world to see. Democrats are falling and Republicans are walking away or being removed. Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

Trump Team Celebrating

A trial date has been set in the Trump prosecution for classified documents and Trump’s team celebrates. Judge Aileen Cannon orders trial to be held in May 2024 and we review the latest.

Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis marches forward with her prosecution against Donald Trump and police prepare for indictments. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp weighs in as charges are expected as soon as August.

Congress warns the Department of Justice to comply with their request for interviews with 11 officials involved in the Biden Crime family investigation. Senator Ted Cruz weighs in, explaining what he believes to be a cover-up in action by the DOJ.

The House Judiciary Committee releases new evidence that reveals the FBI knew the truth about the Hunter Biden Laptop when interfacing with Twitter and other social media companies during the 2020 election. Congress demands answers and Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Florida, weighs in.

Rep. James Comer reacts to the testimony of the IRS Whistleblowers, confirming the investigation is just getting started. Senator Ted Cruz launches a new podcast studio while Mika Brezinski and Joe Scarborough complain about Republicans. Will the Republicans have the stones to impeach Joe Biden? We ask Andy Biggs. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

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