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St. Louis Doc: Masks Killing You

Dr. Eric Nepute is steamed and he isn’t holding back. “Enough is enough,” he says. “Take off the mask, get some zinc, get some (vitamin) D, get some sunshine, get your body to the right weight it has to be at and you don’t have to fear.”

Nepute, who runs several wellness centers in the St. Louis area, says masks are killing us. His outburst came after learning from a patient that her 4-year-old grandson contracted a bacterial infection in his lungs and nearly died because of prolonged mask use. He says it’s gone too far and people are dying unnecessarily, not from COVID, but from the side effects  because “the idiots in charge are killing our kids and our adults.”

He suggests that the whole COVID event is filled with lies. A case in point is our nursing homes, where anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000 people have died. “They died because idiot governors mandated that nursing homes take back COVID patients.” He added that they didn’t even consider the data that says these type of patients have a 40-50 percent chance of dying from any type of disease, including respiratory viruses. He says the data has been suppressed on purpose to kill people, because when people die, panic sets in and helps push a narrative of fear and control. Here’s more from Dr. Nepute on truthhunter789.

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