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How Hospitals Are Killing Us

Through the introduction of the Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Ward, hospitals have been subverted by cold, calculating technicians who do not care about individual patients. More from Amazing Polly.

Vaccine Ingredients Exposed!

Prominent naturopathic practitioner Dr. Robert Young’s analysis of the four dominant Covid-19 vaccines reveals the presence of the ever-dangerous graphene oxide toxic. Using state-of-the-art technology, including energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, the study confirmed and expanded on prior studies that many of the substances in the jab are bonded to graphene oxide nanoparticles.

The impending danger is these particles are able to penetrate physiological barriers, including but not limited to blood-air, blood-brain and blood-placenta barriers. Says Brian of Grease Monkey Videos, “I’m not telling anyone what to do. Nobody has a right to mandate what you should or shouldn’t do. But know this, when it gets in you, it ain’t coming out.” Here’s more from Dr. Young’s study.

Do You Believe In Magic?

Jame Dlux explores the HIV-related death of rock star Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, as well as the miraculous recovery of basketball legend Magic Johnson. Yes, even Anthony Fauci figures prominently in this story.

Woke Backfire

The NBA won’t force basketball players to take the jab but referees and staff must. More from The Salty Cracker.

Choose Your Poison

While Americans continue to face harsh vaccination mandates, we find that members of Congress and their staffs will be conveniently exempted from the “poison.” And master manipulator Bill Gates has confessed he is against vaccinating his own family.

Why? For starters, the CDC is now warning the vaccinated are just as likely to spread the virus as the unvaccinated. Says Dr. David Bauer, of the Francis Frick Institute in London, “The key message from our finding is that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine –those who have had two doses–have about five- to six-percent lower neutralizing antibodies, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place.” He added that age and time expired since the vaccine are also major factors in affecting immunity. Here’s more on the report from RenaudBe.

No Jabs For Illegals

Joe Biden’s administration admits forced injections are only for Americans, not for illegal aliens. More from The Salty Cracker.

Parasite Found In Pfizer Vaccine

We’ve all have been wondering about the secretive ingredients inside the vaccines. The presence of graphene oxide, a toxic metallic substance that can cause blood clotting, has already been widely discussed. This is the ingredient that causes vaccinated individual to become magnetic, at least near their puncture points.

But there’s a second substance that’s been found in the Pfizer vaccine that is even more shocking. That substance? A Latin American parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi that bores into human tissue and eats blood. This protozoa causes a disease known as chaga or American trypanosomiasis. It’s an infectious disease, predominantly found in poverty-stricken regions of Mexico, Central America and South America.

Complications associated with chaga include heart failures and intestinal disorders. It is marked by fever, fatigue, body aches, headaches, rashes and loss of appetite.

You have to wonder if the move to ban or limit access to ivermectin has anything to do with the presence of the Trypanosoma cruzi, seeing as how ivermectin is quite effective in treating diseases involving tropical parasites. Here’s more from The Resistance 1776.

The Mask Came Off

When Joe Biden ran for President, he declared he would not be pushing forced vaccinations. Now nine months into office, he’s doing exactly that. Either he was a lying louse or else he miscalculated the ground conditions. Doesn’t speak well of his abilities or his honesty as a President. More from Mark Dice.

Conservative outlets and 21 state governments are refusing Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate. Leftists, of course, defended this fascism. Even some so called Libertarian pundits approved the move.

Tim Pool characterizes it for what it is: An unadulterated attempt to trash America’s Founding Fathers and establish a new form of a more totalitarian government. Joe Biden is hardly a pundit. This putz can barely utter a legible sentence.

Trust The Scientists

They have been constantly WRONG. More from the Conservative Momma.

Eric Clapton’s Vaccine Saga

Here, rock legend Eric Clapton describes his Covid-19 experiences. Along with Van Morrison, Clapton has been speaking out on social media platforms, addressing censorship and the many false narratives surrounding the vaccines. Critics have brandished him as a Trump supporter, but Clapton says he’s not pushing any one politician or political party, only seeking the truth. More from Sharyl Attkinson.

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