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Fauci Is Falling Apart!

Anthony Fauci is falling apart. Putting any trust in this fraud is akin to letting Jeffrey Epstein babysit your teenage daughter! More from Steve Turley.

Explosive Fauci Emails Exposed

Unredacted emails have finally been released that show the degree to which Anthony Fauci and other virologists conspired to hide the shocking truth: SARS did not come from bats or other natural predators, but was instead released from the lab in Wuhan.

The research involved in creating the virus came from Fauci and his associates. In other words, they are wholly complicit and behind this massive pandemic that spreads worldwide, ruining countless lives! More from Peak Prosperity.

The Fall Of The Cabal: Part 26

The Cabal’s torture strategy had worked brilliantly. People had become lethargic and simply failed to notice the insane amount of cases of thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, strokes, serious heart problems, and miscarriages. People dropped dead live on TV, but all that was taken in was the ever repeating slogan: “The Covid vaccines are safe and effective…”

In reality, the Covid vaccines contained a deadly poison, killing some people immediately, others within weeks or months. The combination of graphene, spike proteins and nano-bots had been perfectly adjusted to kill millions of people, as confirmed by international tenders, alarming VAERS predictions and the Liquefying “Bio-Sludge” Bill, legalizing the spreading of human remains over crops as fertilizer.

This is the 26th sequel to The Fall of the Cabal, called Wrapping Up Genocide, and the final episode about the Covid tragedy. We wrap up what will be referred to (in future times) as the most heinous genocide in the history of mankind. Can mankind be saved? Of course! But first, let’s take a look at the shocking facts as presented in this final Covid episode. More from Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter.

Plandemic 2 Coming Soon

Attorney Todd Callender, Dr. Lee Vliet and John Doe, a FEMA whistleblower join me to blow “official” narratives out of the water with the hardcore truth and quantifiable facts they don’t want you to hear. More from ther SGTReport.


Cringe Pierre

Karine Jean-Pierre’s head explodes in the White House Press Room as doctor Anthony Fauci gives his final covid briefing. More from The Salty Cracker.

Died Suddenly

Here is the controversial documentary from Stew Peters that will result in Nuremberg trials over the Covid-19 deaths. Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award-winning filmmakers Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer. They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

Screw You, Yuval Harari!

Listen as Yuval Harari, the Israeli apologist for the World Economic Forum, characterizes the Covid-19 lockdowns as a great turning point in human history that will bring about increased surveillance. He isn’t talking about police peering inside your windows, either, but surveillance that extends to scientists and government authorities controlling and manipulating humans through their internal organic structure.

In other words, Harari needs to be fully exposed as the fascist cretin he is. Go screw yourself, worthless cog of the globalist demons. More from Jamie Dlux.

Climate Clots

Al Roker gets hospitalized with blood clots after pushing the vaxx. More from The Salty Cracker.

They Don’t Hide it

The world’s political leaders gathered at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, are greasing the skids for a global health passport — only available to those who have allowed themselves to be subjected to scheduled vaccines. The monsters are going to skin us, one way or another. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Nanotech In Vaccines

Spanish researchers and scientist recently exposed the stunning news of nanotech in vaccines. Josh Sigurdson reports that despite the 163 percent increase in deaths year after year, governments continue to push the shots. Here’s Sigurdson with more details.

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