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Vaccine Mafia Emails Exposed!

I tear a strip off these cold cretins by going over their internal emails. You’ll see their faces and can decide for yourselves if they have a shred of humanity left. The video opens with the emails of Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia, Canada. More from Amazing Polly.

Red Cross Harvesting Organs

Documents found in the liberated city of Mariupol, Ukraine, indicate the Red Cross was participating in war crimes in partnership with the Azoz fighters.  More than 1,000 medical records of children that were marked with the notation of “healthy organs” were found. Many of those children are missing or unaccounted for.

The Red Cross documents do not indicate a concern about the children’s health — only about their organs and whether or not those organs would be healthy. There’s only one reason why they would be doing something like this. It is not hard to figure out.

Is the Red Cross hiding behind its good deeds, while actually thriving as a corrupt child trafficking, organ harvesting cabal? More from JB East and JB West.

You Falling For It This Time?

Joe Biden and his scary medical assistant Anthony Fauci try to drum up support for another round of vaccines: The shots that will never end. More from The United Spot.

Waves To Drive You Crazy

Amazing Polly receives a letter from a biochemical researcher that points to CIA involvement in using EMF — or electrical and magnetic fields — to drive people crazy or even produce serial killers. This informant, who is not named to protect their identity, draws upon the groundbreaking research of the late W. Ross Adey, an Australian by birth who did most of his research in the United States. Adey died earlier this year after a long battle against bronchial disease.

These EMF signals don’t need to be powerful. They can be transmitted as simply as using mobile cell phones. Yet the signals can still have powerful effects. People can become killers, or numb, lethargic NPCs (non-player characters).

The Russians first explored some of these properties by bombarding the US embassy in Moscow with EMF impulses. Later, we saw the Cuban variation — the Havana Syndrome. The informant tells Amazing Polly to look into the Pandora Project, saying it has been reactivated by the CIA in 2019.

Parasites, Bots In The Vaccines

Dr. Carrie Madej tells “The Stew Peters Show” that blood clot vials from post-mortem vaccinated adults have turned out not to be blood clots at all. What  she found in the vials were moving parts, parasite-like beings and delivery devices, such as nanobots.

“We have to stop this right now. These are extreme experimentations,” Madej says. “The future of us is in peril. This is not informed consent by any means.” Here’s more detail with Madej and Stew Peters.

Abortion Clinic Horrors

Next News Network’s Rich Crankshaw reports that an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Fla., was shut down when authorities discovered horrific safety and sanitary violations, after two women were hospitalized following their second-trimester abortions. Authorities said the women suffered “egregious blood loss.” Here’s more with Crankshaw.

Gallo’s Role

Jamie Dlux looks back at the controversy between France and the United States over who discovered AIDS. An American scientist, Robert Gallo, claimed to have isolated the AIDS virus, but there’s strong evidence he simply expanded upon work done in France by Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Anything But The Jab

Justin Bieber cancels his upcoming concerts, announcing he has temporary face paralysis. Amy connection to the jab? More from Jamie Dlux.

Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda

The release of a new Pfizer document dump, via FOIA, openly admits that almost all women who were vaccinated miscarried their babies and suffered from mild to massive side effects and death. Despite being aware of these effects, Pfizer pushed forward with the mandated jabs for pregnant women. Here’s more from World Alternative Media and host Josh Sigurdson.

A Medical Mafia Hit Job

The Jaw Dropper is at the end. You won’t believe what I found! More clues about Pox virus expert Mark Buller’s death in 2017. More from Amazing Polly.

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