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CIA Front Group Created Covid

A former associate of Peter Daszak has come forward with bombshell revelations about EcoHealth Alliance, the CIA and China! Watch as RedPill78 explains how Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance created Covid-19. The alliance is quite literally a thinly disguised front for the CIA.

Legal proceedings will be undertaken against covid criminals. That includes the lying politicians or members of the medical establishment who forbade the use of drugs like ivermectin to treat covid patients. Even Liberals are beginning to wake up! Justice will come! We are uniting against our enemies. The witches are in a state of panic. More from And We Know.

Winning! The OSHA mandate is dissolved and Biden isn’t fighting it. Jen is eating crow, and now Americans are taking the fight to their states. We’re finding our courage and taking back our country! More from Lori Colley.


Doctors Find Covid-Cancer Link

A group of doctors and other medical experts said they’ve discovered a link between Covid and cancer. The reveal came at a panel discussion on Covid in D.C., hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson, earlier this week.

The specialists, comprised of an all-star lineup, including Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. George Fareed, said they’re seeing a radical increase in cancer post vaccination and they know why. Shockingly, says Owen Shroyer of Infowars, the panel is getting zero coverage from the mainstream media. He dissects the alarming details in the following report on BANNED.VIDEO.

A Bunch Of Red Flags

Jamie Dlux revisits the shocking murder of Barry Sherman and his wife Honey Sherman in Toronto. The pair were discovered Dec. 15, 2017, alongside a swimming pool in the basement of their estate. Autopsies showed both had died from “ligature neck compression,” commonly associated with hanging.

Was this a murder-suicide or had both been killed by an outside intruder?

There remain many unanswered questions in this case, seeing as how Barry Sherman was among the richest men in Canada, with a fortune approaching $80 billion. He acquired most of his wealth through the sale of prescription drugs through his company Apotex. At one time, the company had more than 10,000 employees.

Vaxx Die-Off For Three Years

Clif High says to expect a three-year vaxx die-off that could claim as many as 30 million deaths in the United States alone. High says we’re only in the first year of this die-off.

It has hit the most physically fit individuals first, which is why so many professional athletes have died from myocarditis and related causes in recent months. As time goes by, we’ll see increasing deaths of more sedentary individuals.

We also could see reprisals and assassinations against the globalist elites who pushed plagued vaccines, spreading unnecessary death and carnage across the planet. Look for Anthony Fauci, among others, to go running for cover!

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with data mining expert Clif High in this one hour and ten-minute in-depth interview. Also discussed: The impact on the dollar, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, stock markets and bonds as the Great Reset fails.

Too Good To Be True

What is going on? The New Year has barely begun, and all of a sudden, the pandemic narrative is over. Politicians are ending the mandates and allowing citizens to breathe again, and fall around freely. Have we averted the crisis, or is this show of relief too good to be true? More from Computing Forever.

Toxic Vax Lots Target Red States

Michael Yeadon, former chief scientist at Pfizer, and other researchers, have uncovered evidence that the U.S. government is targeting red states with deadly vaccine lots.

Sourcing VAERs data, researchers found that private CDC lists of expiry dates reveal only highly toxic vaccine lots, since it would make no sense to list expiration dates for saline placebo. Problem is, this motive of deployment allows governments to deploy deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states. A deeper dive into the data reveals that red states are experiencing 11 times the death rate as other states. Greg Reese brings us more details and explains further.

It’s Over!

The corona grift is coming to an end. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

U.N.: Permanent Jabs For All

Infowars’ Alex Jones reports that the globalist-engineered population collapse has entered a new phase. He says the United Nations announced revised vaccination protocols, mandating permanent vaccinations for all to combat the Covid-19 mutations that they now test for the common cold.

“So they’re outlawing you being able to have the common cold and, of course, the vaccine makes your body create a toxic spike protein, so they can then slowly depopulate you,” Jones says. Australia was the first onboard with the program. Who will follow? Here’s more with Jones.

Why Obey Harmful Mandates?

Why good people OBEY harmful mandates! In this video learn the science of what makes people comply with mandates that even they feel are wrong. Learning about the Milgram experiment explains a lot. More from AwakenwithJP.

Another Warning

Jamie Dlux uncovers a warning on 4Chan from 2019 in which an unnamed party told those reading to steer clear of any new vaccines issued over 2020-21. The party warned the vaccines would kill 9-10 million Americans. The specific warning, “Do not accept any vaccines that will be released for a deadly virus in the winter of 2020.”

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