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Where’s CDC Apology?

Now that the CDC has reversed just about every narrative in the Covid-19 theater, where’s their apology? Thousands of Americans were fired from their jobs for refusing vaccination and millions burdened by senseless lockdowns, social distancing and mask policies.

What about all the Covid pundits and skeptics that were proved to be absolutely right? Where is a simple, “I’m sorry,” for these people? Natural News’ Mike Adams gives us some answers.

CDC Admits Covid Lies

Natural News’ Mike Adams reports that the CDC has completely capitulated on every pillar of the Covid-panic theater, turning the pandemic narrative upside down.

Adams says the CDC not only relaxed restrictions on masks and social distancing, but also on mandatory quarantines and PCR testing. They essentially tricked billions of people across the planet for the last three years. “What the CDC is essentially admitting right now, is that if you fell for this in the U.S., then you’re a fool,” Adams says. Here his report.

London ‘Sheep’ Support WW III

Reporting from London, World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says thousands of people are protesting blindly supporting the move toward World War III. Says Sigurdson, “As people demand NATO get involved in Ukraine and people drape themselves in UN flags, it is clear that the modus operandi of the elite is to simply get people to support the ‘current thing.'” Here’s more of his report.

Back To Square One

WhatsHerFace suggests the powers that be are evil, but they are not creative. She says the Ukraine crisis has basically taken us back to the future with the exact same strategy we saw with the Covid pandemic. “This is the same deal, with just a few minor details swapped out,” she says. Here’s her report.

U.S. Truckers Sound Off

U.S. truckers let loose during a respite at their truck stop in Amarillo, Texas, voicing their strong feelings about the anti-democratic government and its vast overreach. Here’s the story from Rebel News.

The Political Science Of Masks

Trish Regan says mask mandates have become about one thing–politics. Sure, the left wants you to think it’s all science, but the reality is, it’s political science. She calls out the elite’s hypocrisy in this edition of “The Trish Regan Show.”

FDA Approves Vax Bioweapon

In another in-your-face move, the FDA has approved Moderna’s mRNA vaccine bioweapon, now known as spikevax, to treat Covid-19 and its variants.

Dr. Jane Ruby argues that the stamp of approval is for Moderna’s existing vaccine, which had no right to get approved, based on an incomplete study and improper data. She breaks down the process, plus reports on a man who was taken unconscious from a car crash scene to Flagstaff Medical Center and woke up on a ventilator, and also on how children are being forced to wear masks everyday, causing physical, emotional and developmental pain.

England’s Sinister Psyop

Josh Sigurdson warns that England’s call to end all mandates and lockdowns is nothing more than another twist in their sinister psyop.

The reality is, this has only just begun. Dropping all mask and vaccine restrictions will result in increased deaths from the jabbed and, in turn, be blamed on the lack of compliance, resulting in more insane mandates. “People are going to feel a breath of freedom, release some stress and then they’re going to be grabbed by the throat,” Sigurdson says. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

The Covid Games Never End

International health scientist, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, warns the public to wake up and take control of their lives. She says the government has been lying about Covid-19 since Day 1 and is only interested in creating a perpetual pandemic.

Says Stuckelberger, “Those who got vaccinated, thought the vaccine would liberate them. But they have to keep on wearing masks and have to keep doing lockdowns and distancing. It doesn’t solve anything.” She says if you search hard enough, you will find the federal government already has a plan to extend the pandemic through 2031. Further due diligence reveals that Johns Hopkins University has issued a plan for its SPARS pandemic project for 2025 and 2028. It never ends. Here’s more on the RenaudBe channel.

Body Doubles In Politics

There are rampant rumors circulating that the political figures you watch on TV, behind the mainstream media, aren’t who they say they are. Popular speculation is these people are wearing masks, or maybe just body doubles..

Riss Flex says it’s common knowledge that many world leaders are surrounded by body doubles. Take Kim Jong-un, who is reported to have as many as three. Past leaders who used body doubles, included Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler, to name a few. Queen Elizabeth is famous for having a double, as are many high-ranking American officials. Here’s Flex with her report, which includes photos of Kim Jong-un giving instructions to his body doubles before a missile test.

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