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Biden’s Fake Backstory Exposed

Prominent attorney Tyler Nixon, who grew up with the Biden family in Delaware, says the newly elected President’s past is riddled with dark clouds and lies. He says not only is Biden deceitful and dishonest, but he also embodies every trait you can think of, in terms of a sleazy politician.

Nixon, who most recently defended Roger Stone of the Trump campaign, claims he’s known Biden for 36 years and his family has ties with the Bidens going back six decades. “What it is with Joe Biden is that he is constantly trying to prove himself and prove he has a handle on everything, but he doesn’t,” Nixon says. “So what he’s spent his life doing is to prove wrong what people think of him. The problem is, he’ll never prove them wrong, because they’re right. He’s one of the original demagogues of this era.” Nixon also opines on Biden’s political flip-flopping through the years and the disastrous first two days of his Presidency on this edition of InfoWars, with host Owen Shroyer.

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