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Triple Flipper In News Cycle

There was a flurry of breaking news on Friday that has many political pundits agreeing that something is shifting inside the halls of power.

Michael Adams, of Natural News, reports the FBI got the ball rolling by leaking to Reuters that the Jan. 6 siege on the Capitol wasn’t planned by anyone, also stating that President Trump, Alex Jones and Roger Stone were cleared of any wrongdoing. Then, in a shocking about-face, the mainstream media flipped on President Biden following the Afghanistan debacle, bashing him at every turn. Says Adams, “ABC called him a liar, but it’s not only that. They’re making Biden look bad now, showing photos and videos that are kind of sad, pathetic looking.  Obviously, the CIA owns the mainstream media and they have told the media to start trashing Biden.”

Finally, Facebook’s council on free speech issued a strong statement disavowing the United Kingdom’s Council for Digital Hate. The organization had previously released a list labeled “The Disinformation Dozen,” regarding the coronavirus vaccines. So what are the odds of these three stories breaking on the same day, less than a week after the Afghan chaos? Adams takes a deeper look with his analysis.

Biden’s Afghanistan Blunder

Roger Stone says the disastrous pullout of troops from Afghanistan was a black eye for America and the Biden Administration. “The manner with which this Afghanistan withdrawal was staged, just underlies the fundamental weakness of the Biden foreign policy,” he says.

Unlike Biden’s approach, President Trump covered the earlier retreat of some U.S. troops with tactical, strategic bombing that clogged roads to the main cities. Biden, meanwhile, vacationed at Camp David. Appearing on “The Alex Jones Show,” Stone gives further analysis and discusses the growing medical tyranny state and Andrew Cuomo’s fall from grace.

DOJ Hunting Down Dissidents

Roger Stone joins Alex Jones on InfoWars to break down the horrifying reality that the Department of Justice is being used to hunt down political dissidents. Stone says people are now being surveilled not only for their political ties, but also for their political opinions, according to the Washington Times and Washington Examimer.

Join Stone and Jones as they dissect the government’s double standard in the political playground with the complete complicity of the mainstream media.


Phony Charges Target Trump

As more election and voter fraud evidence is uncovered by the good guys, the Deep State is scrambling to find a way to strike back at President Trump. Meanwhile, with many forensic audits of state results ongoing, the White Hats might well be preparing to dump proof of the massive election fraud on or about Independence Day.

Roger Stone joins Alex Jones on InfoWars to discuss the possible fabricated methods that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance will use to smear Trump, including an indictment for either bank fraud or tax fraud. Here’s more on InfoWars.

Audit Could Reverse Election

The jig is up in Maricopa County, Ariz. So says former consultant to President Trump and lobbyist Roger Stone. He says an honest count in the ongoing forensic audit could potentially reverse the Presidential election results.

Stone says the nonsense involving the recent raid on Rudy Giuliani’s apartment was merely a distraction from the audit. “If we get an honest count of what really happened, I think you’re going to find that Arizona’s votes were improperly awarded to Joe Biden.” If that indeed happens, and Arizona’s 11 electoral votes are given to President Trump, that will not alone reverse the election result. It will take at least one more state. “If you don’t think there’s more corruption to be found, you’re not living on the same planet that I am,” Stone says.

In the following segment, Not Fake News also touches on the frustration with COVID lockdowns and restrictions, the raid on Rudy Giuliani’s apartment, Derek Chauvin’s jail segregation and the looming financial crisis.

Gen. Flynn For President

Should President Trump opt out of the 2024 race and ditch “The Plan” to return to the White House before then, a faction of the GOP is prepared to draft Gen. Michael Flynn to run for the Presidency. In the same vein as Trump, Flynn’s candidacy would be intriguing. He’s a military man and not a politician, but owns the presence, stature and charisma to step into the role.

Political consultant and lobbyist Roger Stone says, “If we get to that crossroads (of Trump opting out), we the citizens will have to draft Gen. Flynn. In other words, I don’t think the General ought to get down there like a grubby, grasping politician and declare his candidacy. For a man who’s put duty to his country before everything in his life, the General can be appealed to on that basis.” Stone joins Alex Jones on InfoWars to talk 2024 Presidential politics and reforming election laws.

Stone: Trump Will Roll In 2024

President Trump political confidant Roger Stone returns to the limelight, reflecting on his travails and the state of the Republican Party. Following the disaster and thievery by the Democrats in the Presidential election, Stone, who believes Trump will roll unencumbered to the 2024 Republican nomination if he chooses to run, tells Alex Jones on InfoWars that there are three major components to a successful recovery by the GOP.

“If we don’t fix the internet censorship problem, and therefore we can’t fix the election-law problem and therefore we can’t clean house in the Republican Party–three important steps–I don’t know why he would want to run.” Stone says everything is upside down in today’s political spectrum. The Democrats were long the party of peace, civil rights and civil liberties and the Republicans the party of war and loved the FBI. Now, he says, everything is backward.

Here’s more with Stone, as he continues to call former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a swamp creature, talks about the Democrats’ failed attempt to incriminate him in the Russian collusion scandal and disses the RINOS who turned on President Trump.

Biden’s Fake Backstory Exposed

Prominent attorney Tyler Nixon, who grew up with the Biden family in Delaware, says the newly elected President’s past is riddled with dark clouds and lies. He says not only is Biden deceitful and dishonest, but he also embodies every trait you can think of, in terms of a sleazy politician.

Nixon, who most recently defended Roger Stone of the Trump campaign, claims he’s known Biden for 36 years and his family has ties with the Bidens going back six decades. “What it is with Joe Biden is that he is constantly trying to prove himself and prove he has a handle on everything, but he doesn’t,” Nixon says. “So what he’s spent his life doing is to prove wrong what people think of him. The problem is, he’ll never prove them wrong, because they’re right. He’s one of the original demagogues of this era.” Nixon also opines on Biden’s political flip-flopping through the years and the disastrous first two days of his Presidency on this edition of InfoWars, with host Owen Shroyer.

LBJ Killed JFK

Some 57 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, theories continue to swirl regarding who actually hatched the plot and how it was done. Now, Roger Stone has released a new book saying the culprit was JFK’s own vice president, Lyndon Baines Johnson. We don’t usually run shameless promotional videos, but in this case, we’ll gladly make an exception.

All Is Well

Thomas Wictor is convinced President Donald Trump will be returning for a second term. Why? Wictor believes the US military intercepted the electronic vote count data going overseas to Frankfort, Germany, to be counted by Scytl for the 2020 Presidential election. If Trump can show that he received far more votes than Biden in the six battleground states — Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — and carried them all, the Democrats will lose. Even better if Trump can show he carried a few other states, whether New Mexico and Virginia, or Minnesota and New Hampshire.

One sign Trump is staying: The new realignment of services in the US military and the establishment of a new branch under Ezra Cohen-Watnick.

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Rudy Guiliani, Sidney Powell and other members of President Donald Trump’s legal team conducted a press conference Thursday and revealed a bit more of their evidence showing widespread voter fraud. Apparently, in all of the battleground states, Trump led by comfortable margins on election day, but those margins vanished overnight when new piles of votes emerged for Joe Biden. Interesting enough, the Biden vote surges all followed the same algorithms. In other words, it’s highly unlikely they were actually cast. More likely they were manipulated and manufactured electronically. More from The Salty Cracker.

Here, Next News Network provides direct coverage of that press conference. Only Fox News and Newsmax covered it, the other networks did not. The Trump team dropped bombshell evidence showing that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged.


Roger Stone said back before the 2016 presidential election that these voting machines can easily be hacked. Here, we see evidence of the lack of security and hear from authorities about the problem of vote tampering and election fraud. More from The Liberty Hound.

We close with John Solomon appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight on the Fox Business News. Solomon discusses the widespread corruption seen in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, and cites a data scientist who believes at least 100,000 fraudulent votes were cast in Pennsylvania, possibly as many as 600,000. It’s good to see a few of the mainstream media outlets addressing this issue, while so many are remaining silent and acting as if what happened in the 2020 election was normal. The fact of the matter remains: Widespread corruption is not normal, and should never be tolerated.

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