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Why Everyone’s Talking About It

Mark Dice gives as clear and short an explanation as we have heard concerning the GameStop stock debacle. What it amounts to: A group of REDDIT investors fleeced some of the richest fat cats on Wall Street. Of course, the fat cats aren’t too happy and they are big Joe Biden donors, so look for more punitive action against everyday Americans from Biden’s camp.

They are called Liberals but that’s a sham. They are the paid protectors of the Billionaire League. When rich fat cats are in trouble, they don’t call the cops! They call Joe!

And, in case you wanted a little more detailed explanation, but one that also cuts quickly to the chase, listen as InTheMoney recounts the misadventures of WallStreetBets. And he’s slipping champagne, no less, while soaking in a bathtub!

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