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Lincoln Project’s Pedo Problem

The Lincoln Project, the wayward Republican group that wrestled with President Donald Trump,  apparently has a pedo problem. Styxhexenhammer666 explains, focusing on allegations brought by young staffers against the Lincoln Project’s John Weaver. He co-founded the Lincoln Project but now the group is moving to disavow him.

Is this shocking? Not at all. Many of the Democrats trying to impeach Trump also are pedophiles. In other words, birds of a different feather.

The Lincoln Project might masquerade as a Republican group, owing to Weaver’s connection with John McCain, the former GOP Presidential hopeful. But the reality is that much of the money behind the Lincoln Project comes from Democrats, and specifically, a network of pedophiles. Here, RandomRantsofRyan examines one of those Democratic bigwigs — David Geffen. Geffen was also an investor behind DEN, or the Digital Entertainment Network. It dissolved after filing bankruptcy in 2000 following allegations of sexual assault filed against three of its executives — Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce.

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