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Welcome To The Upside Down

Whatsherface gives us an unusual take on the nonsense of the COVID-19 pandemic and its nonsensical Draconian restrictions. In a brilliant, thought-out soliloquy, she takes aim on the Deep State establishment, opening with: “Good evening, and welcome to the upside down. Where what you see, can never be, and what you know, just isn’t so. Where bad is good and wrong is right. Where truth went down without a fight.”

She ventures into the consequences of the virus, zeroing on the alleged cure–vaccinations–while leveling a double jab at the infamous Bill Gates. “’It’s super safe,’ the doctor said. Even if you end up dead, because the antidote can’t kill you since it’s the leading cause of coincidence. Now roll up your sleeve and let’s go, I’ll take you through the backwards show. Where doctors kill and science shills for our lord and saviour, a man named Bill.”

And Whatsherface’s closing is classic: “Thank you very much for visiting THE UPSIDE DOWN! Now please return to the circus with the rest of the clowns.” Tune in to digest her entire work of “Welcome to the Upside Down.”

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