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Death Cocktail For The Masses

The FDA has now announced a “mix-and-match” formula for booster shots that everyone has been told are necessary, just months after the original serum was released. Stew Peters says it’s an unprecedented push of government mandates and overreach, and a complete violation of individual freedom. Translation: It’s a death cocktail for the masses.

Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby to the discussion, who says, “It makes absolutely no sense. There’s no data to support it. There’s no pandemic anymore, by definition.” Here’s more of their analysis on “The Stew Peters Show.”

How They Tried To Kill Trump

In a revealing interview, Nicholas Veniamin welcomes former CIA operative Michael Jaco to discuss the numerous Deep State assassination attempts on President Trump. Some reports say the number is at least 25 and as high as 60!

Perhaps the closest call involved Covid-19. When the pandemic broke out, the White House took stringent precautions to keep the premises safe. No one in the White House tested positive for the virus, then suddenly everyone had Covid, including President Trump and the First Lady, who tested positive on Oct. 2. Jaco directly blames the Chinese Communist Party for the outbreak: “They obviously came in and infiltrated somehow and released some stuff in there. He was probably going to die from that, but they were prepared for it, fortunately.”

Jaco says another apparent attempt came during a White House presser, when Secret Service heard gunshots and whisked Trump away from the lectern. It turns out there was a shootout between security and the perpetrators in the White House tunnel system. In yet another failed attempt, during a trip to Washington state, intelligence concluded there was an attempted missile attack on Air Force One. Here’s more with Jaco and Veniamin.

CDC: Covid Not That Dangerous

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) again emphasized that only 6 percent of the more than 700,000 announced Covid deaths were coronavirus related. The other 94 percent were due to pre-existing comorbidity, including serious illnesses and advanced age. Despite the report being officially published by the CDC, it has been completely ignored by the corporate mainstream media.

Many of the faulty Covid tests were actually detecting residue of colds and flues, while hospitals were misdiagnosing patients as contracting the virus and prescribing wrong medications. The fatal cases were eventually mislabeled as Covid deaths to artificially inflate the numbers for the fake news media, in order to push panic and hysteria. Here’s a video compilation about the truth regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, courtesy of RenaudBe.


Mandates Are Satanic Rituals

The now-common Covid-19 pandemic restrictions of masks and social distancing are nothing more than Satanic, pagan rituals, says Michael Cadena, host of the Brother Michael podcast. “You’re taking part in a Luciferian ritual … willingly,” he says.

The following video collage shares a clip of Brookfield, Wis., parent Heidi Anderson lashing out at the Elmbrook School Board over the mandates. “Six-foot distance and wearing masks are pagan rituals of Satanic worshippers,” she says. “Where does 6 feet come from, people? Why is it not 3? Why is it not 5? … Why is it not 30? Why is it 6?” The video includes other testimonials and a telling headline from Lin Wood, confirming that these practices are indeed Satanic rituals. More from Brother Michael.

No Vaccine, No Healthcare

The nightmare that is the Covid-19 pandemic has hit another low point. Whistleblower nurse Erin Olszewski says unvaccinated Americans are now being denied healthcare. Damn the Hippocratic Oath of ethics, historically taken by physicians, in which healthcare providers vow to provide care to anyone no matter the situation.

“This has been going on for the last two years now, Olszewski,” said. “It’s just like the Hippocratic Oath went out the window and we’re no longer treating patients. We’re working with a corrupt pharmaceutical organization, who put profits over patient care.” Infowars Owen Shroyer says not only is the American public taking a hit, but also nurses who refuse the vaccination are getting fired.

Meanwhile, the medical establishment continues its attack on drugs, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which have proven effective in curing Covid patients. Here’s more with Shroyer and Olszewski.

Rogue World Leaders Arrested?

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is taking a major hit in the polls, after calling for a snap election to win back voters. That on the heels of the Trudeau Administration’s Draconian handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent Delta variant.

Martin Brodel has a different view, saying he thinks Trudeau has already been arrested, along with other rogue world leaders from the past. “If you think about it, logically, then you realize most of these people have to be gone, including in this country. Look at it this way. If Hillary and Biden and Obama, and the rest of them were still in power, would I be here? No, of course not.” He adds that all alternative media, all opposition to the Democrat Party’s ideology would be wiped out. “We’d all be in prison,” he says.

Tune in for more of Brodel’s coverage on the pandemic, China’s restriction of “sissy men” on TV and more.

Now Italy Enforces Jab Pass

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that another country has been swallowed up the Draconian madness that is the Covid-19 pandemic. In the vein of Canada and Australia, Italy is now enforcing vaccine passports, or the Green Pass.

No matter the law or mandate, restrictions have pushed forward despite the will of the people, drawing massive protests throughout the country. Yet in obvious tourist sites, such as in Rome, long lines of “cattle” are desperately conforming and complying. Sigurdson brings us more details on the jab pass.

The Fall Of The Republic

In this unusual edition of The Charlie Ward Show, an unidentified patriot brings us his captivating perspective on what it is we’re actually experiencing in our country today. And it isn’t pleasant.

“What we’re actually seeing is the systematic implementation of the fall of the Republic and the rise of the corporations of the United States,” he says. He says all the major events we are now witnessing are just steps on the ladder to achieve that end. And the latest rung on the unstable ladder is the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

Our patriot talks about the incessant word play on the people during this unprecedented time, spearheaded by the Swamp, or Deep State, and intensified by the complicit and corrupt mainstream media. And, of course, there’s the never-ending stream of propaganda,

He talks about the installation of our government’s two-doctrine policy, unbeknownst to the people–one for the initiated, one for the uninitiated, one for the inner circle, one for the masses. And there’s much more. Check out thisĀ  thought-provoking presentation, courtesy of The Charlie Ward Show, and judge it for yourself.

Pandemic A Grave Injustice

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a medical specialist in pathology based in Alberta, Canada, is fed up with the nonsense surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, calling it the most grave injustice our society has ever experienced. He decries the useless shutdowns of the economy, incompetent politicians playing doctors, the censorship of real doctors and the nonsense of wearing facemasks long-term, which he says are making matters worse.

Dr. Hodkinson makes it clear that he’s not an anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist or great-resetter. “I’ve spent my entire career in evidence-based medicine,” he says. His prognosis: people are not properly informed that the coronavirus vaccine is still in the experimental stage, it has not been approved yet and there are high risks of very adverse reactions. He also condemns unreliable PCR tests, falsification of death certificates, not promoting vitamin D and the unacceptable loss of personal freedom. Here’s more, courtesy of RenaudBe.

Globalists Plot Another Psyop

The World Economic Forum’s executive chairman and his evil cohorts are meeting this weekend to “war game” their next plot against freedom-loving global citizens as part of their continued efforts to proceed with the Great Reset.

Conservative YouTuber DeAnna Lorraine says CEO Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and their cohorts are meeting for a huge Davos-sized event, which they call Operation Cyber Polygon. Keep in mind, says Lorraine, these are the same operatives that gathered for Operation Event 201 in 2019, right before the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. “They all met to war game the coronavirus and, lo and behold, a month later coronavirus began.”

Is this another psyop by these sinister manipulators for control and compliance? Lorraine brings us the sordid details on “The Stew Peters Show.”

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