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Left Lost Its Mind Over Covid

Dr. Christian Parenti joins “The Jimmy Dore Show” to discuss how the left got the whole Covid-19 pandemic wrong, learned to love lockdowns and lost its mind.

Parenti, economics professor at John Jay University and former investigative reporter, writes in The Gray Zone that the left went from vanguard in the struggle for freedom over the last two centuries to embracing anti-working class policies, which they marketed as technical public health measures. Here’s the rest of the story.

CDC Quietly Admits It Lied

While the Ukraine-Russia crisis rages on and continues to distract the world, there’s a lot happening with Covid-19 that’s not being reported.

Red Elphants’ Vincent James says the CDC is basically admitting to its blatant lies surrounding the pandemic death rates. He reports that the CDC quietly reduced the total Covid death number by almost 100,000 in what they called a coding logic error. Meanwhile, only a few media outlets are reporting the error. James brings us the numbers and his commentary.

Back To Square One

WhatsHerFace suggests the powers that be are evil, but they are not creative. She says the Ukraine crisis has basically taken us back to the future with the exact same strategy we saw with the Covid pandemic. “This is the same deal, with just a few minor details swapped out,” she says. Here’s her report.

Covid Emergency Phase Over

Addressing CPAC 22, Dr. Peter McCullough said the emergency phase of the Covid-19 pandemic is over, also calling for a full safety review of the vaccines after a million vaccine injuries in the U.S. and thousands of deaths. Here’s his address., courtesy of RenaudBe.

Lying Through Their Teeth

Arcane Pathways breaks down 10 of the Covid-19 conspiracies that weren’t, where our media, health care officials and President Biden were proven to have lied about the coronavirus pandemic.

Assault On U.S. Doctors

Stew Peters says with all the chaos and distrust in the Covid-19 world, the mantra from the Deep State remains “to trust the experts.” The problem is, Peters says, in real time, experts disagree, overstep their boundaries or are just plain frauds.

“The very experts we are told to obey, have issued contradictory advice countless times over the past two years,” Peters says. He welcomes Dr. Meryl Nass to discuss how the establishment is shutting down the good doctors combating the pandemic, while killer doctors roam free at death-camp hospitals. Here’s his report.

Hospitals Killing Covid Patients

Dr. Peterson Pierre, of America’s Frontline Doctors, warns truth-seekers that Biden’s Bounty is allowing hospitals across the country to kill patients at an astonishing rate at the expense of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pierre says hospitalized Covid patients are being placed on rigid protocols, where the mortality rate is high and family is kept in the dark about procedures. In the following video, he breaks down the protocols, including the insane amount of money the federal government provides to hospitals and coroners to falsify medical information.

The Covid Games Never End

International health scientist, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, warns the public to wake up and take control of their lives. She says the government has been lying about Covid-19 since Day 1 and is only interested in creating a perpetual pandemic.

Says Stuckelberger, “Those who got vaccinated, thought the vaccine would liberate them. But they have to keep on wearing masks and have to keep doing lockdowns and distancing. It doesn’t solve anything.” She says if you search hard enough, you will find the federal government already has a plan to extend the pandemic through 2031. Further due diligence reveals that Johns Hopkins University has issued a plan for its SPARS pandemic project for 2025 and 2028. It never ends. Here’s more on the RenaudBe channel.

Vax Deaths May Reach 2 Billion!

Physician of presidents, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, says the Covid-19 pandemic vaccination protocols are tantamount to World War III. When all is said and done, he says, the death rate from the jabs could reach a staggering 2 billion people!

“So wake up! This is a level of malfeasance and malevolence that we have not seen, probably in the history of humanity.” Tune in, as Zelenko makes his case on Starblazer692003.

The Omicron Invasion

Renaud Bedard doubles down on the hoax that is the Covid-19 pandemic. “There is no Covid, no Delta variant, no Mu variant, no Beta variant, no Omicron variant, no Omega variant and no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny variant. It’s all BS to make Big Pharmaceutical companies shareholders richer, with stolen taxpayers money,” he says.

He says the Covid mandates are nothing more than recommendations, not law.  Government challenges in any court of law would fail, since supplying a single virus specimen isolated in a laboratory would be futile. Here’s more from RenaudBe, and please use your own discernment.

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