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Happy Ronaversary!

Whatsherface tees off on the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic with a beautiful bouquet of bullshit for everyone. Yes, you read that right–BS! Her suggestion: Rub some of it on every page of your 2020 calendar and, while your at it, dab some on your 2021 calendar, too.

At this time last year, she says, we were all in this together. Today, we’re re-establishing Jim Crow laws. People are actually championing the idea of vaccination-only dining hours and completely antivaxer-free establishments. Take Canada, where 49 percent of the Canadian population doesn’t want this vaccine and black people are the least likely to get it. Can you imagine the critical race theory bleeding hearts denying service to three-quarters of the black population? This is the world we now live in, folks. Here’s more with Whatsherface.

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