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Slip-Slidin’ Away

In a verbal barrage that chronicles the failure of the progressive left, Bill Whittle illustrates how they now lose on every issue, everywhere, all the time. Meanwhile, real America rises. “The entire left-wing agenda is just slip-slidin’ away and it’s happening faster everyday,” he says. Here’s his report on the Bill Whittle channel.

Soon: The Knockout Punch

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are using everything they have to fight against the patriots, but this is failing. Since the US government was overthrown, everything the puppet government does will be reversed. Trump and the patriots needed to show the people the truth and sometimes the truth hurts and is painful. Scavino sends message that the 15th round is coming. The punch will be a knockout. Information is key and all patriots need to continue to fight. More from the X22 Report.

Iconic NFL Reporter Fights Back

Legendary sports reporter Michele Tafoya has called it quits, citing a stand against Critical Race Theory and leftwing propaganda.

Tafoya, an NFL sideline staple on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” for years, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson she can’t stand that her kids are being taught that skin color matters and has to stand up against this. Her final broadcast was the Super Bowl. Here’s more from Next News Network and Elijah Shaffer.

Defining 2021: Words, Memes

Here’s a look at the words, the events and the memes that defined 2021. For instance, how many of us knew the vile thrusts of critical race theory before we got into 2021? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Salvation Army: Woke To Broke

RAMZPAUL host Paul Ramsey says, until recently, the Salvation Army’s approval rating was 91 percent. “How could you hate the Salvation Army? They’re really not offensive, they don’t yell at you, they don’t preach to you. They just sit there, take donations and help people.”

Well, folks, all that respect and admiration went swirling down the drain, when the Salvation Army decided to get into the lecturing business and published a booklet titled, Let’s Talk About Racism, basically a guide embracing critical race theory and demeaning white Americans. Ramsey says the move didn’t sit well with the public, as donations fell 33 percent and their negative ratings soared from 11 percent to 41 percent in a heartbeat. Here’s Ramsey with more details.

Protect Your Kids In Schools

Parents don’t trust schools or school systems and here’s proof that they shouldn’t! The doctrines of critical race theory are covered, among other key issues. More from Liz Wheeler.

Leftoids keep digging in on their critical race theory defense. This comes as we learn from an FBI informant that the Biden administration has been using counterterrorism tools against parents protesting CRT in the schools. Their grift is real. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

The full extent of the FBI’s spying on parents was revealed in a Senate Committee hearing where Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, challenged the Biden’s administration’s Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland, like many high-level Democrats, is a flagrant liar as well as a vicious snake. He is little more than a thug, bringing the federal law enforcement apparatus down on parents fighting the schools’ use of Marxist-inspired critical race theory. Here, Steve Turley explains why Garland should resign in disgrace.

Tiki Torch Hoax Backfires

A Tiki torch photo in front of Glenn Youngkin tour bus has been revealed to be a hoax. Youngkin is a Virginia businessman and Republican candidate for governor in the state election scheduled this Tuesday. The Tiki torch brigade masqueraded as rightwingers, but was actually made up of Democrats joined by members of the Lincoln Project.

That’s a left-leaning group of GOP extremists who have spent more than $300,000 trying to defeat Youngkin. Apparently, they aren’t as honest as Abe Lincoln. More from Mr. Obvious.

Who are the Democrats that posed as rightwing extremists? Lauren Southern exposes a few of these phonies.

Feds Weaponize School Boards

Parents have finally had enough. They do not accept critical race theory nor the chicanery being pushed by the dirty Democrats. So now, the Feds and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media have begun calling parents “domestic terrorists.” Not cool, lamo Leftists. More from Mark Dice.

Insurrection Happened Nov. 3

The [Deep State] is preparing for [zero-day]. They have now weaponized social media with the fake whistleblower. This is to push censorship across the Internet. Twitch data was breached. Timing is very interesting. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s daughter and son-in-law profit from CRT (critical race theory) book contracts.

Trump has now sent the message. You saw the fake insurrection on Jan 6th. Now, you will see the real insurrection. It was on Nov. 3rd and the [Deep State] is not yet finished with the insurrection. Other Presidents have used the insurrection act and Trump is about to use it to stop the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Liberal Cancers: A Solution

What happens when the cancers of identity politics, critical race theory, and feminism get together? The three cancers of society can surely solve all our problems when put together. More from AwakenWithJP.


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