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Reparations Bill In Oregon

The fight to keep reparations for black Americans on the front-burner continues with a stunning move forward by the Oregon Senate. SB 618 was rolled out proposing to pay reparations to black Oregonians who can demonstrate a heritage in slavery. If passed, a sister bill–SB 619–directs the Department of Revenue to pay each eligible applicant $123,000, in the form of an annuity, annually for life.

State Sen. Lew Frederick, who is sponsoring SB 619, said Martin Luther King Jr.’s son was his playmate growing up and the Civil Rights icon had a major influence on his life. Riccardo Waites, from the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly, doesn’t think the measure will pass, doubting that many prospective eligible Oregonians won’t have proper evidence of their connection to slavery. He also leveled a zinger at government, saying, “Our country has supported reparations for almost everything except for slavery.” Here’s more from TruthVideos1984.

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