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Award Shows Going Woke

It’s Oscar season and you’ve probably heard that the Academy will impose new rules for eligibility, surrounding diversity and inclusion. Among the new standards are all films must have at least one lead actor from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, or at least 30 percent of secondary actors in minor roles from two underrepresented groups. Translation: Future awards will go only to films that meet diversity quotas.

In this sensitive era of wokeness, not everyone agrees with the new rules. Musician Eric July says such a system would cheapen the awards. “If the work is good, it doesn’t matter if it’s exclusively black people working on it, exclusively white, Asian, none of that should even matter,” he says. And actor Viggo Mortensen points out that the restrictions invite exclusion. He says, “The new rules are just one example of awards shows going woke.” Here’s more with John Stossel


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