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Get Ready For Frankathon!

Get ready for the blockbuster Frankathon, Mike Lindell’s two-day launch of his social media platform––that will be like a combination of YouTube and Twitter. More importantly, it’s a much-needed platform for free speech.

Lindell says he’s spent millions of dollars over four years building the platform, which will be the most secure in the industry. He says the forums will be attacked by the Left, but the days of censorship and cancel culture are over. “We have our own servers and everything, and we’re not going to be worried about Amazon taking it down or YouTube or Google or Apple. We’re going to get our voice of free speech out there.” Here’s more with Lindell on TruthVideos1984.

Corona, The Deadliest Virus

Remember the British public information films from the 1970s? Here’s a new one on the coronavirus, done in the style of those classic films. More from TruthVideos1984.

Brain Power And Jurassic Park

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Corporation, a neurotechnology company developing better tools for communicating with the brain, is making huge strides in areas that will surprise you. Among them is an implantable brain–machine interface that will allow you to control a computer or any mobile device telepathically.

In the following video, Neuralink introduces how the machine operates in an experiment with a macaque monkey literally playing a video game of Pong with its mind via an implanted brain chip. In a related story, Musk’s Neuralink partner, Max Hodak, says the process could possibly be extended into building a replica of Jurassic Park. He says there wouldn’t be any genetically authentic dinosaurs, but maybe 15 years of breeding and engineering would produce a super-exotic novel species. Here’s more on both stories from TruthVideos 1984.

Myanmar Goes After Soros

The Myanmar military regime has seized control of the bank accounts of billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) and announced that it will take legal action against the foundation, which is accused of violating restrictions on the activities of such organizations.

The military-controlled MRTV announced that the military had issued arrest warrants for 11 staff members of OSF Myanmar, including its head and deputy head, on suspicion of giving financial support to the civil disobedience movement against the military junta. Here’s an update from TruthVideos1984.

Reparations Bill In Oregon

The fight to keep reparations for black Americans on the front-burner continues with a stunning move forward by the Oregon Senate. SB 618 was rolled out proposing to pay reparations to black Oregonians who can demonstrate a heritage in slavery. If passed, a sister bill–SB 619–directs the Department of Revenue to pay each eligible applicant $123,000, in the form of an annuity, annually for life.

State Sen. Lew Frederick, who is sponsoring SB 619, said Martin Luther King Jr.’s son was his playmate growing up and the Civil Rights icon had a major influence on his life. Riccardo Waites, from the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly, doesn’t think the measure will pass, doubting that many prospective eligible Oregonians won’t have proper evidence of their connection to slavery. He also leveled a zinger at government, saying, “Our country has supported reparations for almost everything except for slavery.” Here’s more from TruthVideos1984.

Doomsday: April 29, 2029

Internationally renowned lecturer, author and radio host Thomas Horn says a giant asteroid will destroy our world on April 29, 2029. The 1200-foot-wide asteroid, named Apophis after the Egyptian God of Evil by NASA, was discovered by the Kitt Peak National Observatory in 2004. It weighs 20 million metric tons, or about 44 trillion pounds, and is traveling at a speed of 28,000 mph.

Horn, who claims he predicted the resignation of Pope Benedict when no one saw it coming, says he had a revelation about Apophis and is now certain the destruction will befall the Earth. He said scientists determined that if the asteroid did indeed strike Earth, it would touch down somewhere near the border of California and Mexico. Here’s more from Horn from TruthVideos1984.

The Biden Remorse Is Mounting

You were warned what he was. More from RazorFist.

Biden suspended Trump’s Executive Order barring foreign nations from interfering with US power Grid – specifically China – for 90 days without explanation. Then “suddenly” Texas loses power.

Must be a coincidence….Oh and who warned of a “dark Winter” again? Exactly which nation does Joe Biden represent — China or the United States? More from TruthVideos1984.

Newsmax Sips The Kool-Aid

In a stunning turn of events at Newsmax, the so-called savior of conservative TV media, anchor Bob Sellers swiftly shut down My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell live on the air during a segment on–of all things–censorship! Lindell was invited by the network to  discuss the censorship of his Twitter account. When he explained that Twitter had removed his page because of proof he presented of election fraud involving Dominion voting machines, Sellers quickly interjected, read a prepared statement noting that Newsmax had no evidence of irregularities. Lindell continued with his response, Sellers again interrupted, asked the producer to end the segment, then stormed off the set.

It appears that the heir apparent to Fox News has sipped the Deep State Kool-Aid and has fallen victim to the cancel culture. Here’s more from TruthVideos 1984.

Getting Paid To Lie

In this blood-curdling interview in 2014, German journalist-turned whistleblower Udo Ulfkotte, tells how he published the book titled  Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists: How Politicians, Intelligence Agencies and High Finance Control Germany’s Mass Media), in which he stated that the CIA and other secret services pay money to journalists to report stories in a certain light. He was subsequently found dead Jan. 13, 2017, of alleged heart failure.

A journalist for about 25 years, including a stint as a newspaper editor, Ulfkotte explains how he was educated to lie, to betray and not to tell the truth to the public. “It is not right what I have done in the past–to make propaganda, to manipulate people. I’m fed up with this propaganda.” He says he was a designated “non-official cover” for intelligence agencies, where he helped them distort information in many situations and in the end they disavowed ever knowing him. Could this have been an eerie prelude to today’s mainstream media in America?  Here’s more of this creepy clip on TruthVideos 1984.

More Voter Fraud In Michigan

Yet another bombshell video has surfaced from the voter-fraud-ridden Presidential election. The latest clip comes from Antrim County, Michigan, revealing blatant manipulation during a court-ordered forensic audit of 22 Dominion voting machines that allegedly flipped votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

The video, which has gone viral, shows a Michigan Secretary of State official directing poll workers to continue their count of multiple ballots, even though every one of them has the same signature on them. One of the concerned volunteers says, “So, when we’re done with the audit, there’s still is an opportunity to challenge the fact that we have multiple ballots with the very same signature …” The supervisor interrupts and says she doesn’t think “challenge” is the right word and instructs the poll workers that their role is not an investigative one. Another poll worker says, “We’ll have a number, whether valid or invalid …” And again the official interrupts and warns the group that this is not the process and encourages them to just count the ballots.

As has been reported, problems were reported with Dominion voting machines in all five swing states. Here’s the video, courtesy of TruthVideos1984, and, as always, you be the judge.

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