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Something Big Coming Soon

We are in the midst of a war with a dark presence that has a lot of control over our planet through financial means and a sinister agenda. They are evil to the core, with no qualms about the consequences–death, destruction, insurrection.

But something big to counter these miscreants is happening soon, the culmination of perhaps a grand plan that began with President Kennedy in the early ’60s to eradicate the darkness and take our country back. “We’ve got cases happening, we’ve got audits that are coming to fruition, we have Trump making powerful statements that are being misrepresented everywhere,” says Dan Radiostyle of On the Fringe. “There is a push happening. We’re rounding the corner now.”

Radiostyle digs deeper into the movement and also reports on the brand new format, President Trump opening the door for 2024, another unqualified Biden cabinet nominee and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine debacle.

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