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Preparing For Shutdown

Dan RadioStyle says we are seeing the play before the play. The noise is being made early for the issue that is looming. The good guys are likely going to shut down parts of the government–which parts remain to be seen.

Says RadioStyle, “The shutdown is going to happen because the Deep State needs it to.” Things are definitely going to get spicy! RadioStyle brings the details, plus a breaking story from the Lou Dobbs podcast that the Bidens will be served subpoenas in days.

Will We See Trump-Lake Ticket?

Dan RadioStyle says it seems things are moving into another phase and we are nearing the time where election partners will need to come forward.

Perhaps the most intriguing scenario comes from the Arizona desert, where all eyes are on Kari Lake. She’s hinted at a U.S. Senate run in 2024, but does she really have her sights trained on the Vice-Presidency? Could we see a Trump-Lake ticket in the near future? Radiostyle takes a closer look, plus also reports on the chaos at the southern border, the Democrat push to reinstate internet neutrality, the cancel-culture mess regarding Russell Brand, and more.

Time For Paxton To Get Busy

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted of 16 charges in his state impeachment trial, a bitter defeat for the Deep State.

Dan Radiostyle reports that the tables are now turned and it’s time for Paxton to get extra busy. “It’s a bad day to be a Deep State piece of crud,” he says. Radiostyle gets into the juicy details, plus also discusses Dan Scavino’s meme on “don’t trust everything you see,” Russell Brand’s mainstream median rant and the Biden Administration’s shaky investments in China, and more.


DS Behind Impeachment Push

Dan RadioStyle says the hasty movement in conservative circles to hop on the Joe Biden impeachment bandwagon is likely a push by the Deep State.

RadioStyle opines that impeaching Biden would confirm that he is our lawful president.  “I love the argument that we kind of wait on the impeachment, because by not impeaching him we’re still not really acknowledging that he’s in charge,” he says.

RadioStyle argues he prefers going after the “lower people,” such as AG Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Ray, because they are not holding anyone accountable. He explains further, plus discusses Xi Jinping new path to the Great Reset, Russia suspending tax agreements with the West, plus more.

Pressure Is On Deep State

Dan RadioStyle reports that impeachment of some kind is likely in Joe Biden’s future. And, naturally, Uncle Joe wants to hang around as long as possible so he can pardon his son, Hunter, for his pending crimes.

So what gives? RadioStyle says getting rid of Biden too early may well endanger  the 2024 Presidential election, which would be a gift for the Deep State. Meanwhile, he says, look for the Biden Administration to slowly crumble. Attorney General General Merrick Garland will certainly face impeachment, and FBI chief Christopher Wray will face intense heat, but probably get fired.

RadioStyle brings more details, plus gives a comprehensive update on other issues.

Jacky Boy Trapped Again!

Special Counsel Jack Smith, the Democrat Party and the Deep State have again stepped into a massive pile of Trump dung!

Dan RadioStyle reports that Smith’s preoccupation with Trump’s New Jersey audio tape recording among staff members, which he leaked to the press,  that allegedly discloses classified information, fell flat on its face! Another embarrassing swing and miss. RadioStyle says Judge Aileen Cannon is going to absolutely shred Smith for the leak.

“Smith just stepped in it in a big way,” RadioStyle says. “He shared something that shouldn’t be shared. He’s trying to taint the jury pool, and this is a federal prosecutor doing this. This is once again the FBA/DOJ being weaponized against an American citizen.” Here’s are more details and intel.

Dirty Bird Chasing Trump

Dan Radiostyle says it has become extremely obvious how this system works. The bad guys see how Donald J. Trump can do nothing right, while they never do anything wrong, even though proof all over shows the opposite.

Among the Deep Staters is Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is overseeing the Trump witch-hunt. Radiostyle reports that Smith has a history of targeting conservatives and is totally compromised. He takes a deep dive into the details, plus discusses the blocking of Joe Biden’s policy on race discrimination, the Supreme Court’s ruling on identity theft and his thoughts on the death of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.

RFK Jr. A Threat To Deep State

Dan Radiostyle reports that the patriots are slowly breaking the Deep State’s evil system and Democrat Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of the unlikely culprits.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is freaking out the Deep State. He’s saying all the wrong things and people love him,” Radiostyle says. He added that Kennedy’s rhetoric is provoking people on the Left to begin thinking independently and question things. He explains further, plus discusses Sen. Ron Johnson’s call for more whistleblowers, more tension at CNN and Tucker Carlson’s Twitter debut.

Trump’s Brutal Honesty

On The Fringe’s Dan RadioStyle says Donald J. Trump’s responses during his recent deposition in the E. Jean Carroll sexual-assault trial proves how honest he is.

Trump, who is the defendant in the case, told Carroll’s lead attorney that she wasn’t his type, which sent the counsel off on a tangent. Later in the deposition, when again belabored by the same questions, Trump said, “You wouldn’t be my choice either. I hope you’re not insulted. I would not, under any circumstances, have any interest in you.”

RadioStyle digs more into the case, plus also offers his thoughts on Hunter Biden’s mounting legal problems, the chaos at the southern border and more.

Biden Dominoes Collapsing!

Dan RadioStyle reports we are witnessing a major collapse of the Joe Biden dominoes. He says the Deep State is bleeding people quickly and they are running out of options and money.

RadioStyle dives into the details, features some prophetic words from Gen. Michael Flynn and Elon Musk, plus more.

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