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Trump’s Cryptic Speech

OnTheFringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports that what President Trump didn’t say in his campaign-launching speech earlier this week told us more than what he did offer to supporters.

Radiostyle, like many Americans, says he was disappointed in the announcement, expecting something more dynamic and earth-shattering. He takes an in-depth look at why the speech was so subdued, plus offers four key points to ponder: 1. Is Trump really on our side, or just another pawn of the globalists; 2. Is Trump cryptically telling us something by what he didn’t say; 3. Fraud is still rampant in our elections, especially in Arizona; 4. We actually stopped the globalist agenda. Here’s more.

Deep State Overwhelmed!

On The Fringe host Dan Radiostyle says things are getting kinetic in a non-kinetic way. And the manner in which it’s playing out is destroying the Deep State from so many angles. It’s overwhelming, to say the least, much like being whipped  thousands of times. “That is their fate,” he says. Radiostyle explains further.

Deep State Wants Mass Death

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says that despite the Deep State mass depopulation and widespread chaos narrative, the American public is beginning to see and realize what is really happening.

“The Deep State wants to hurt us. They want to kill us. They want to maime us,” Radiostyle says. He explains further, plus features a Devin Nunes clip on Newsmax, where he posits there are two- to three-dozen “rats” festering in the corrupt FBI, DOJ and Biden Administration. Here’s more.

Gen. Milley Ran The Jan. 6 Show

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports that American Greatness investigative reporter, Julie Kelly, has obtained evidence that Gen. Mark Milley ran the show on Jan. 6, breaking constitutional law in the process.

Kelly released information from an Inspector General report that the Department of Defense was the lead agency in the Jan. 6 chaos, with Milley employing armed military personnel, surveillance and intelligence collection platforms against American civilians. Radiostyle explains further, including an explosive excerpt from an earlier Kelly article regarding the Jan. 6 shenanigans. The Milley portion of the following video begins at the 23:20 mark.


Evil Deep State Failing

The Deep State, aka Evil, continues to make the same bad decisions and they are failing faster than ever. Dan RadioStyle reports they are falling behind and getting desperate and matters are expected to worsen.

“The blackout, whatever that actually means, will come and something needs to build to it for them to pull the trigger on that,” Radiostyle says. “We are living through that building.” He explains, plus brings us more updates.

Deep State Will Cheat, Or Lose

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says we are in the final stretch of The Great Awakening. The Deep State is backed into the proverbial corner and the only way to escape is to cheat. He explains further, plus gets into more breaking news.

Deep State Narrative Failing

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports that the Deep State is taking hits from all sides and are in a state of decline. The chatter persists of someone in control for the bad guys, but the narrative is quickly falling apart. Radiostyle brings us the details, plus updates on the Musk-Twitter saga and some riveting court cases.

Desperation For Biden Regime

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports that damning information continues to envelop the Biden Crime Family and it’s only going to get worse. He says Crooked Hillary Clinton is not far behind and the Deep State is all but finished. Tic toc. Here’s his report.

Dominion Paid Off Bill Barr

Dan Radiostyle is reporting that former Attorney General Bill Barr accepted mounds of cash from Dominion Voting Systems, according to SEC filings. Radiostyle says Dominion paid Barr $1.2 million in cash and granted him another $1 million in stock awards.

Radiostyle says the Deep State actors are revealing themselves and there is no hiding it anymore. They continue to alter the narrative, yet the truth continues to creep out. “No wonder Barr couldn’t seem to find any voter fraud anywhere,” Radiostyle says. “This guy built a  $40 million fortune while he was in office. He got his book deal and was doing everything else behind the scenes. And, I think Trump knew this. It was no surprise.” Here’s Radiostyle’s report, along with other news of the day.

Psst, Your Mask Is Showing

Were those two characters at the State of the Union (SOTU) address really Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says some photos of the event have gone viral on social media, suggesting something is seriously wrong.

Perusing the images, Radiosstyle says Biden appears to have grown another layer to his right ear, while Harris’ neck lines seem beyond abnormal for a woman her age. “There’s very strange stuff going on with these images and I don’t believe they’re doctored,” Radiostyle says. Could these two be imposters with masks? Here’s more from Radiostyle on the photos, plus an update on current events.

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