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Hart In The Hot Zone

The Dark Journalist returns to the Hot Zone, the mysterious Caribbean quarters flanked by Bimini, Cuba and Yucatan, for a new video exploring U.S. Sen. Gary Hart’s aborted 1988 presidential campaign. Hart, of Colorado, was the darling of Hollywood Leftists, friend to Warren Beatty and presumed heir to the legacy of John F. Kennedy.

But his campaign came to a crashing end after word leaked of his extramarital affairs, particularly with a young South Carolina beauty contestant winner named Donna Rice, seen canoodling with Rice on a yacht named Monkey Business.

Was the press coverage surrounding Hart payback for his attacks on the CIA during the Church hearings? What was the connection between Hart’s mistress Donna Rice and Adnon Koshoggi? Did the mainstream media hound Hart because he was having an affair, or because the CIA directed them to eliminate a loose end?

Here, we begin to explore the connections linking sexual blackmail, Deep State spying, assassination attempts, the continuity of government, along with UFOs, Atlantis, Ernest Hemingway and Edgar Cayce. There’s a lot to digest, and the video runs more than three hours! Watch an hour and you’ll be hooked, coming back the next few days to finish it off!

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