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Was January 6 A False Flag?

Was January 6th a False Flag operation run by the Deep State? The FBI apparently played a key role in managing the operation. It’s purpose? To distract from the 2020 election fraud. More from JustInformed Talk.

Buyden admits to all what the Demonic do! He’s even making wisecracks about sacrificing and eating children? Is it any surprise his brother owned a tract of land on Water Island, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean? J@B push on mainstream media! Pray! More from And We Know.


Hart In The Hot Zone

The Dark Journalist returns to the Hot Zone, the mysterious Caribbean quarters flanked by Bimini, Cuba and Yucatan, for a new video exploring U.S. Sen. Gary Hart’s aborted 1988 presidential campaign. Hart, of Colorado, was the darling of Hollywood Leftists, friend to Warren Beatty and presumed heir to the legacy of John F. Kennedy.

But his campaign came to a crashing end after word leaked of his extramarital affairs, particularly with a young South Carolina beauty contestant winner named Donna Rice, seen canoodling with Rice on a yacht named Monkey Business.

Was the press coverage surrounding Hart payback for his attacks on the CIA during the Church hearings? What was the connection between Hart’s mistress Donna Rice and Adnon Koshoggi? Did the mainstream media hound Hart because he was having an affair, or because the CIA directed them to eliminate a loose end?

Here, we begin to explore the connections linking sexual blackmail, Deep State spying, assassination attempts, the continuity of government, along with UFOs, Atlantis, Ernest Hemingway and Edgar Cayce. There’s a lot to digest, and the video runs more than three hours! Watch an hour and you’ll be hooked, coming back the next few days to finish it off!

Ghislaine In The Hot Zone

Why were Ghislaine Maxwell and her paramour, Jeffrey Epstein, so focused on the islands of the Caribbean? This is the Hot Zone, the region below Florida and Miami, extending toward the Bahamas and Cuba.

In days of olde, pirates trolled these salty waters. Nowadays, Ghislaine piloted submarines, bringing Jeffrey ‘s rich fat cat friends for wanton orgies at the resort Epstein owned in the U.S. Virgin Islands — Little St. James Island.

Were the submarines strictly for transport or was an underwater search also in progress to locate buried and forgotten cities with towering pillars, now fallen into the sea? Are there land masses lying on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean that are now rising and could once again resurface, reveling ancient splendors? How do Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Cayce and Paulina Zelitsky, as well as President John F. Kennedy, figure into these mysteries?

Strap in for turbulence as the Dark Journalist embarks on a journey the likes of which could rock even King Poseidon, sending him rolling beneath the waves!


Epstein Island Under Watch

This is video sent to me by Pirates of the Caribbean who went by Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island and have had it under watch. The Pirates are not allowed on land. However, they are able to get very close on the water. More from Titus Frost.

WHOA! Maxwell ADMITTED They’re On Tape! In this video, we cover a huge new development in the Ghislaine Maxwell saga as it connects to two past presidents. We also cover major weather and financial news. More from We Are Change with a nifty introduction from AwakenWithJP.

Another Deceitful Politician

Not surprisingly, much-maligned 2020 didn’t fade into the annals of history without yet another deceitful politician breaking his own COVID rules. And it certainly hit a raw nerve with Viva Frei’s David Freiheit. “At this point it is beyond hypocritical, it is beyond disrespectful, it is beyond contemptuous,” Freiheit says. “It is super-duper, ultra-mega sociopathic duplicity.” Wow!

You can’t blame Freiheit for erupting. In probably the most scornful behavior of the year, Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips posted deceptive social media videos about celebrating Christmas in lockdown while he was on vacation in St Barts (St. Barthelemy Island in the Caribbean). And while he scolded his fellow Canadians from St. Barts, he was simultaneously denying that he was on vacation in the Caribbean. That was enough to send Freiheit over the top. Here’s more of his rant.

Bill Clinton’s Cozy Epstein Ties

Doug Band, former aide to President Bill Clinton, dishes on Clinton’s close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein in a new article for Vanity Fair. Band confirmed Clinton had visited Epstein’s pedo island in the Caribbean, Little St. James Island, and just “couldn’t stay away” from Epstein. More from We Are Change, also discussing some truly peculiar comments by Joe Biden as well as bizarre coronavirus developments.

Epstein’s Shady Property Deals

For years, Jeffrey Epstein’s massive real estate portfolio has been cloaked in secrecy, with the exception of a nugget of info here and there. There are his incredible mansions in New York City, Palm Beach, Florida, New Mexico and Paris, and islands–yes, whole islands–in the Caribbean, that we know little about.

YouTube blogger John Williams reveals some shocking details that the recent Netflix documentary on Epstein and many mainstream media outlets have refused to disclose in their reporting. Take his New York apartment, the largest in the city that sits in one of the most fashionable blocks on the Upper East Side. The building was purchased by billionaire Les Wexner for $13.2 million and later sold to Epstein for $10 in 2011! Eight years later, the property was valued at $77 million. What? Something’s fishy in Gotham.

Then there’s the curious Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, about 40 miles south of Santa Fe. Epstein originally purchased 7,500 acres in the area, but expanded to 10,000 acres soon after. Since Epstein’s arrest, incarceration and demise, there has been no known raid or further investigation into the property.

And there are the two islands just outside of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Epstein purchased 78-acre Little St. James Island–the most notorious of the two–for $7.95 million in 1998, where he flew guests in and out in one of his two private jets. Williams reports that this property wasn’t grand enough for Epstein and he bought Great St. James Island next door in 2016 for $18 million. His intentions were to develop the property, but he was issued a stop-work order by authorities due to environmental issues, which he ignored. And take a wild guess who his next door neighbor was? Joe Biden and family on Water Island!

Williams gives us more details and opines on how Epstein attained his lofty status in this episode of ThisisJohnWilliams.

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Celeb Islands Near Epstein

Who owns the islands surrounding Little St. James, the island formerly owned by Jeffrey Epstein in the Caribbean? McAllister TV gives us a look at who owns the balance of the US Virgin Islands, as well as a few nearby island chains.


The Fifth Column

As we near Election 2020 in November, the Fifth Column is rearing its ugly head once again. What is the Fifth Column, you ask? It’s a group, whose roots date back farther than we care to imagine, who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation.

In this case, it appears we’re talking Deep State antics here, folks. A recent post from “Those Guys” paints a clear picture of the situation, when they ask: How many Republican presidential candidates, journalists and Congressional members were illegally spied on by The Swamp–with aid from the Five Eyes intelligence alliance and non-Five Eyes sources–in their attempt to damage the GOP and subsequent Trump Administration? IPOT’s Sir Patrick Mack says we really don’t have an answer on the tally, since the info is still trickling in.

In the following episode of In Pursuit of the Truth, Mack also investigates whether the recent Steve Bannon arrest is tied to Fifth Column activity, China’s agricultural predicament and the surplus of tiny islands in the Caribbean being purchased by celebrities and other elites, all of them in close proximity to Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island.

Epstein Accuser Speaks Out

The recently released Netflix documentary, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, is shedding new light on the wealthy financier’s sexual misconduct on Little St. James Island, his private island in the Caribbean. The documentary series features one of Epstein’s accusers, Sarah Ransome, who says Epstein raped her several times on the island. She also implicates two women–Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen–who she says were co-conspirators in securing underage girls for Epstein.

The doc also features Steve Scully, who maintained Epstein’s telecommunications and data equipment on the island. Scully, who says he visited Little St. James Island at least 100 times, tells CBS News’ Anthony Mason that he often saw young girls and prominent guests on the 75-acre spread, including Britain’s Prince Andrew, whom he witnessed “grinding” against a young girl clad only in a bikini bottom. Here’s more from Ransome, Scully and Mason on CBS This Morning.

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