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Biden Abuse Victim Speaks Out

Military tribunal witness and sex-trafficking survivor Madyson Marquette reveals some shocking details of interaction with the elite of Hollywood and global politicians, including Joe Biden and George Soros, among other actors. Marquette says she was “owned” by Derrick Hayes of LA Direct Models, who also trafficked her through the adult film industry.

Marquette told the GreatBritishBird (GBB) podcast she’s testified more than 100 times before military tribunals, which allegedly took place at the White House, although she would not confirm the location, claiming she was under gag order. She did confirm testifying against multiple people, one of which was Joe Biden.

Marquette says Biden was the final person she testified against, although she’s not so sure it was the real Joe Biden, but possibly someone with a Biden mask. “Joe Biden was there–a Joe Biden,” she says. “They kept saying identify who he is, but how do you identify someone in a courtroom when you know that’s not him.” Marquette added that she has evidence of all her rapes and torture and ID’d Biden as one of the perpetrators, only not the one in the courtroom. Here’s more of her experience, with commentary from GBB’s Clare Akell.





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