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Did FBI Stage Capitol Attack?

Did the FBI help stage the January 6 Capitol protests? The agency is certainly proving itself just as dirty and corrupt as the CIA.

Both of these crooked law enforcement agencies, it appears, are in cahoots with child traffickers and molesters. How else explain why the FBI and CIA, along with the leftist mainstream media, are spending so much time attacking Q and the anons who follow former President Donald Trump.

These federal bureaucrats, and their fake news shields, might as well learn now: If you don’t start telling Americans the truth, you will be exposed! We have grown weary of this pack of liars as well as the perversity behind all their lies.

Under no circumstances will we apologize to child rapists or, worse, adrenochrome murderers! If you are engaged in these activities, you are a public menace and a despicable criminal. Doesn’t matter if you are big shots like John Podesta or Hillary Clinton. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got the FBI, CIA, New York Times and Washington Post guarding your back!

Fortunately, there are still a handful of media personalities pushing for more honesty, including Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Here, Ryushin Malone talks about Tucker’s latest reports in an update with McAllister TV. Also discussed: Uncle Sam’s Snuff Factory.

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