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More Video Implicates FBI

More video evidence has surfaced from the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, proving the complicity of the FBI in the insurrection. OAN obtained the raw video, shot exclusively by journalist Bobby Powell, revealing the shocking actions by two undercover FBI agents smashing windows, urging onlookers to enter the building, even forcing many of them against their will. Senators Kirsten Sinema of Arizona and Josh Hawley of Missouri now have possession of the video.

Powell says he recorded the men attacking the building at the east entrance and subsequently provided the FBI with 29 minutes of high-definition footage more than five months ago. “Neither one of these men have been arrested. They are not in any of the 400-plus indictments, I checked them all,” he says. “There is not one frame of video, not one still photo of either of these men on the FBI’s web page that asks people to give them tips on who the rioters were.” Check out more of this OAN exclusive with additional insight from Powell.

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