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DC Cops Conspired With Antifa

Want proof that the Washington DC police conspired with Antifa to foment the U.S. Capitol riots on January 6? Watch this video by Bobby Powell, a conservative journalist from Michigan and editor of The Truth Is Viral. He came to Washington to hear President Donald Trump’s speech.

Instead, Powell observed how DC Capitol police conspired with radical leftists to attack the U.S. Capitol building after the siege on Jan. 6 that saw the resignation of the Capitol Police Chief, and the deaths of five, including a DC police officer. Powell says Senators Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, and Kyrstein Sinema, D-Arizona, have requested his raw footage.

Censorship Chilling To The Bone

The purge of all those who disagree with the ruling state is now here. Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck warns that the censorship we’re witnessing take place in places like Big Tech, government and media today, will begin to transcend into all aspects of society and our lives. “We’re heading toward China’s Great Firewall a little bit more each day,” Beck says.

The examples are numerous, as Beck points out, from Duke University professors lobbying for a government commission on truth, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanding we rein in independent media, the censorship of President Donald Trump and pulling a book deal from Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley. The cancel culture has now gone beyond the pale and this should chill you to the bone. Here’s more from Beck.

Georgia Senate Decertifies Biden

Democrats are in a state of panic as the Georgia Senate officially decertifies the Biden electors. Now if Arizona or Wisconsin follow suit, only one state — Pennsylvania — stands in the way of a Trump re-election. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, siding with President Donald Trump and agreeing to officially contest the election throws a real monkey wrench into Joe Biden’s plans. That’s the assessment of Styxhexenhammer666, who outlines here what we might expect to see. These kinds of objections have occurred before, but are quite rare in American history.

Move Slowly, and Carefully

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media has just been exposed. The idea that there is no such thing as election fraud and that the election systems are secure has just been debunked. Georgia held a hearing and now the Georgia lawmakers are looking into the ballots. The entire election scam is falling apart and those who [knowingly] participated are feeling the heat. Tick tock. Time is running out. More from the X22 Report.

The Obama Admin was funding Al Qaeda. Josh Hawley announces his intention to block the Electoral vote, just like the Dems did in 2016. Pence cancels his trip to Israel on the 6th. Nancy Pelosi and Republican traitor Mitch McConnell are working together to STOP the electoral objection. More from RedPill78.

In Pursuit of Truth does another one of his celebrated Two Minutes of Truth. This 2MoT introduces a printing plant from Rochester, New York, that just burnt to the ground. The only trouble: Where did all the printing equipment go? Inquiring minds are waiting.

Sen. Hawley Will Object

Joe Biden’s election will be contested in the U.S. Senate. Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, has confirmed he will raise an objection on grounds the election was stolen by the Democrats. More from Tim Pool.

If Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., objects on January 6, that will allow President Donald Trump to drop a massive load of evidence to Congress. The point: This will be the beginning of a swamp draining the likes of which this country has never seen before. More from The Salty Cracker.


Why Do You Censor Us?

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, slams Twitter and Facebook during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on election suppression. Both Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey got ripped for censoring, berating, blocking and harassing conservatives and Christians. We would have gone even further than Cruz. It’s time both these social media companies paid a heavy price for violating Americans’ civil rights. More from Fox News.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, also made a big splash on Tuesday, uncovering secretive Facebook content monitoring. This company, just like Twitter, needs to be subjected to anti-trust legislation so their monopolies are broken up. They are not fair and objective, but biased on behalf of Leftists. So long as they hold powerful monopolies, America’s freedoms are in danger. More from Fox News.

There was a lot of things revealed today in the Senate Judiciary Committee and most importantly we found out that Facebook is tracking its users even when they are not on Facebook. The program is called Centra. More from The Quartering.

Meet Your Censor Overlords

The CEOS of three Internet social media outfits — Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Jack Dorsey from Twitter and Sundar Pichai from Google — tried to bamboozle the US Senate on Wednesday, spewing their usual bag of bullshit about how their platforms are open to everyone. In point of fact, they all have been heavily censoring Christians and conservatives, kicking content creators off the platforms, destroying videos and posts, and wreaking havoc in a baldfaced attempt to bring victory to the scum-sucking Democrats.

These three companies should all be heavily fined, busted up into more manageable units, and their chief officers and executives tossed out or jailed. There should also be grand juries called to look into criminal activities practiced by these firms’ employees, particularly, involving pedophilia and the abuse of children. Just not acceptable whatsoever.

Fortunately, a few of the Republican Senators — Ted Cruz from Texas and Josh Hawley from Missouri — stood up to these tyrants, giving them a tart verbal whiplashing. Let’s hope Republicans prevail Tuesday so we can stop this un-American monkey business and punish all of these dirty, crooked Silicon Valley companies. More from Mark Dice.

This is hour one of a three-hour show. In this first hour, Facebook will regulate, i.e. censor, all content until the election. More from David Zublick on Dark Outpost.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Rudy Giuliani, appearing Tuesday on 77 WABC radio, said President Donald Trump will take steps after the election to break up the Leftist social media monopolies that have engaged in heinous censorship against conservatives this election cycle. Giuliani identified Facebook, YouTube/Google and Twitter as the most likely targets. Hallelujah! If you have been censored, or know others who have been, be sure to vote on or before Nov. 3. Do not let the Fascists off the hook! Time to take all of these deadbeat hosers to the dry cleaner’s.)


Feinstein Caught On Hot Mic

It’s not surprising that many members of the Left are highly hostile to organized religion and a lot of them, including members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, deeply resent Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for her Orthodox Catholicism.

But it’s funny how the Democrats on the committee have been unusually behaved when it comes to attacking Barrett, unlike her 2017 U.S. Court of Appeals nomination hearing when ranking Sen. Dianne Feinstein stated, “… the dogma lives loudly within you.” With the presidential election a little less than three weeks away, the Dems are understandably restrained, notwithstanding unforeseen circumstances, like say, the proverbial hot mic.

Not realizing her mic was still on at Thursday’s hearing, Feinsten said, “She’s been pro life for a long time, so I suspect with her, it’s deeply personal and comes with her religion.” Oops! Guess you could call this a super-sized senior moment for the 87-year-old California senator. “The big secret in Washington,” says Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, “is that a lot of these people, dripping with credentials like third-world generals and their medals, are actually not very bright.”

So what’s Barrett really like? Carlson gets the lowdown from Anne Folgoust, Barrett’s best friend in college.

And there was more drama in the courtroom when Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley adeptly flipped the script on Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy’s anti-corruption question to Barrett, spicing it up with a reference to previous Trump allegations.

Hawley countered with a hypothetical question on foreign influence, obviously directed at the recent brouhaha over allegations of political corruption by the Biden family in Ukraine and China. It was a classic retaliation from the GOP side of the aisle.

The Will To Change

Have people found the will to change? We have certainly seen good reason to change — faced with a summer of unrest, fueled by Leftist demonstrators backed by the CIA. How many times will this secretive agency continue to subvert American freedoms and destroy American lives and property? It’s time to throw them out with the bath water! And We Know advises, “Be strong in the Lord. Pray for strength. Pray for guidance. Pray for America.”

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are in the process of destroying themselves. The Counter Insurgency Operation is underway. The people are watching. The silent majority is growing. More and more of the swamp is resigning. The “How” is coming. It most likely will not be an all-out assault by the Direct Commander. It will be an all-out assault by the people. The narrative cannot be one of a dictator. It must be the people. The people will be the final push. More from the X22 Report.

The latest casualties in the censorship of conservative media are ZeroHedge and the Federalist for reporting “wrongthink” on the recent social unrest in America, Liberals want to send us to the Goolag, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., is drafting legislation to hold Big Tech accountable and John Bolton has been sued by the Administration for failing to comply with his agreement to release his book. He could face jail time. More from RedPill78.

Attorney General William Barr has stopped a White House leaker. President Donald trump checkmates NATO. What are the latest moves from back-stabbing conservatives? More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

End Online Censorship

Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, has proposed a new law that would remove section 230 protections from Big Tech giants under certain circumstances.

Naturally many of these companies are outraged and demand to have it both ways. They want to have the right to control who gets to say what but also not be liable for speech that violates certain laws of presents civil liability.

Many of the people at these tech companies hold social justice and far left views which creates a fear of political bias down the root of their rules. Conservatives do not agree with most of the policies these companies have while progressives tend to feel the companies need to enforce stricter rules. As we recently saw with the Project Veritas Pinterest story social media bias is very real and has serious political consequences.

If this new law comes into place these companies will lose liability protection unless they submit to an audit and prove that they are politically neutral. In any event big tech regulation is coming and its moving faster everyday. More from Tim Pool.

Computing Forever offers a detailed discussion of the bill by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., to end the devious chicanery by the Leftist social media platforms to squelch our free speech.

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