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The Lost History Of Earth

In the following presentation of The Lost History of Earth, a comprehensive and compelling five-hour compilation of the fake world we’ve experienced for millennia, we are warned not to believe a single word the Satanic controllers have told us. We are reminded the clock is ticking and we don’t have much time to unravel the truth.

EwarAnon, who produced the documentary and is himself an enigma, says flat out that everything we’ve ever learned, everything we’ve ever relied upon to shape our understanding of the realm we temporarily inhabit is now unreliable. He decries the lies and deceptions that have been thrust upon us ever since The Great Reset by the cabalists a century ago. “This was not the first reset, nor will it be the last,” he says.

Among the greatest lies, EwarAnon says, is that the Earth is a spinning, heliocentric globe. Not true, he adds, it is a flat plain with a firmament above it. The sun and moon journey around our realm in concentric circles. The magnificent structures that dot the land are not churches or mosques, or parliament and government buildings, but electromagnetic generators. And all of our maps are a lie.

The final hour of the documentary will blow your mind. EwarAnon reveals the moon is not solid, but some form of photocentric, concentrated plasma. And the images on the moon that we view everyday are actually an x-ray map of one of Earth’s historical moments captured in time. We urge you to watch the video, but as always, conduct your own due diligence and judge for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “The Lost History Of Earth

  1. Brody Lincoln on said:

    Ewaranon is Elijah Sebastian Castle who, a video reports, steals others research and presents it as his own. Although his documentaries are top notch, they do not represent his own work. Also, he alters his voice and stays anonymous .

    • Thanks for your heads-up. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and try to avoid using his work in the future. No sense giving someone the stage if they aren’t actually doing the work, but just ripping off others.

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